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  • Intracranial ectopic choroid plexus cyst in a dog

    NISHIDA Hidetaka , YAMAZAKI Midori , SAKAI Hiroki , MAEDA Sadatoshi , KAMISHINA Hiroaki

    … <p>A 4-year-old male Toy Poodle was presented with a history of status epilepticus. … This is the first case report of an intracranial ectopic choroid plexus cyst that was surgically removed in a dog.</p> …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(3), 365-368, 2019

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  • Basal cell adenocarcinoma on bulbar conjunctiva of third eyelid in a dog

    SANO Yuto , MIYAZAKI Mai , YAEGASHI Rina , OKAMOTO Minoru , MASUKO Arisa , MAEHARA Seiya , MATSUDA Kazuya

    … <p>An 8-year-old castrated Toy poodle presented with swelling and proptosis of the right third eyelid caused by an exophytic mass on the bulbar surface. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(1), 30-34, 2019

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  • Molecular diversity of the faecal microbiota of Toy Poodles in Japan

    OMATSU Tsutomu , OMURA Miki , KATAYAMA Yukie , KIMURA Toru , OKUMURA Maho , OKUMURA Atsushi , MURATA Yoshiteru , MIZUTANI Tetsuya

    … Our aim was to study toy poodles (n=21), a popular companion dog, in terms of basic characteristics of the faecal microbiota by 16S rRNA gene barcoding analysis. … In case of a dog with protein-losing enteropathy, the diversity of faecal microbiota was different between before and after treatment. … This study provides basic information for studying on faecal microbiota in toy poodles.</p> …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 80(5), 749-754, 2018

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  • Heterotaxy Accompanied by Congenital Portosystemic Shunt and Segmental Aplasia of the Caudal Vena Cava with Azygos Continuation in a Dog  [in Japanese]

    AKIYAMA Midori , KUTARA Kenji , YUCHI Toshiro , MACHIDA Noboru

    … <p>A 5-month-old male Toy Poodle was presented with neurological dysfunction after eating. … Although surgical attenuation of the PSS was recommended, the dog was treated with medical therapy alone according to the owner's preference. … After approximately 3 years of asymptomatic medical management of PSS, the dog suddenly died at home of unknown causes. …

    Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine 26(4), 171-175, 2017

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  • 自然閉鎖が予期された動脈管開存症の犬の1例  [in Japanese]

    柴﨑 哲 , 柴﨑 美佳

    … <p>A 5-month-old female toy poodle weighing 1.2 kg was presented for evaluation of a cardiomegaly on thoracic radiographs. … The dog was diagnosed as having a left-to-right shunting patent ductus arteriosus. …

    Advances in Animal Cardiology 50(1), 1-5, 2017

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  • Liposarcoma of the spermatic cord in a Toy Poodle

    NOH Daji , CHOI Wooson , SON Woochan , LEE Manhee , PARK Seungchun , LEE Kija

    … This report describes the clinical signs, typical diagnostic imaging including ultrasound and computed tomography, and treatment of a liposarcoma of the spermatic cord of a Toy Poodle confirmed by histological examination after a surgical procedure. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 79(12), 2026-2029, 2017

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  • Autoimmune Subepidermal Blistering Disease with Predominant Oral Involvement in a Toy Poodle  [in Japanese]

    Nakajima Kyoko , Iyori Keita , Nishifuji Koji

    … <p>A 6-year-old, female toy poodle exhibited dolorous erosion on the lip and oral lesions with halitosis. …

    The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Dermatology 22(3), 201-204, 2016

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  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment of a Traumatic Triceps Tendon Avulsion in a Dog  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Takashi , MORISAKI Masateru , NAITOH Harumichi , ASAKURA Aki , ISHIKAWA Masaaki , OOTA Maya , OKACHI Sachiko , OZAKI Saki , SHIBASAKI Rina , SUZUKI Shinichi , SEINO Nobutaka

    … <p>Physical and radiographic examinations of a spayed 14-year-oid toy-poodle, which had lameness in a forelimb after a fall, led to a diagnosis of avulsion of the triceps tendon insertion. …

    Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine 25(2), 64-68, 2016

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  • Suspected Congenital Hypofibrinogenemia in a Dog  [in Japanese]

    SEGAWA Kazuhito , KAWARAI Shinpei , TAKAHASHI Chika , KOHNO Ryo , ITO Tetsuro , NEO Sakurako , HISASUE Masaharu , TSUCHIYA Ryo

    … A 20-month-old female toy poodle was referred to the Azabu University Veterinary Teaching Hospital because of asymptomatic and persistent hypofibrinogenemia. … As low values of plasma fibrinogen had often been detected since the dog was younger, congenital hypofibrinogenemia or congenital dysfibrinogenemia were suspected. … Therefore, the dog was diagnosed as suffering from hypofibrinogenemia. …

    Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine 23(4), 166-169, 2014

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  • Masticatory Myositis in a Toy Poodle  [in Japanese]

    NAKATANI Keisuke , HIDAKA Yuichi , YAMAGUCHI Mitsuaki , HAGIO Mitsuyoshi

    … A 13-month-old spayed toy poodle, weighing 3.85 kg, was brought to us with a history of gradually progressive trismus and difficulty in eating. … Although physical examinations revealed that the dog's general condition was good, and that there were no abnormalities around the temporomandibular joints, atrophy of the temporal and masseter muscles was palpated, and resistance to opening of the mouth was recognized. …

    Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine 23(3), 111-114, 2014

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  • Real-Time PCR Genotyping Assay for GM2 Gangliosidosis Variant 0 in Toy Poodles and the Mutant Allele Frequency in Japan

    RAHMAN Mohammad Mahbubur , YAMABE Remi , YAMATO Osamu , YABUKI Akira , KOHYAMA Moeko , MITANI Sawane , MIZUKAMI Keijiro , UDDIN Mohammad Mejbah , CHANG Hye-Sook , KUSHIDA Kazuya , KISHIMOTO Miori

    … gene has been identified in toy poodles. … Furthermore, a genotyping survey was carried out in a population of toy poodles in Japan to determine the current mutant allele frequency. … Therefore, this new assay will be useful for the prevention and control of SD in toy poodles. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 76(2), 295-299, 2014

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  • Case of Suspected Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion (SIADH) Originating from Hydrocephalus in a Dog  [in Japanese]

    KAMESHIMA Satoshi , OTERA Takako , KOZAKI Takashi

    … In this case, a female toy poodle that had symptoms of hydrocephalus fulfilled almost all diagnostic criteria for SIADH including notable hyponatremia and serum hypo-osmolality. … A magnetic resonance imaging test also indicated that the dog had hydrocephalus. … The conclusion was that the dog was suspected as having SIADH originating from hydrocephalus. …

    Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 66(12), 870-873, 2013

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  • Hair Growth of a Toy Poodle with Alopecia X after Finasteride and Melatonin Therapy: A Case Study  [in Japanese]

    Sakata Raita

    The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Dermatology 19(2), 75-77, 2013


  • Juvenile Sterile Granulomatous Dermatitis with Localized Sterile Panniculitis in a Dog  [in Japanese]

    Yamagishi Kentaro , Sekiguchi Maiko

    … A 15-week-old female Toy Poodle was presented with swelling and erosion on the eyelids and muzzle, and erosion and disintegration localized to a combination vaccine injection site. … Based on the examination and clinical course, the dog was diagnosed as having juvenile sterile granulomatous dermatitis and sterile panniculitis. …

    The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Dermatology 18(1), 19-22, 2012

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  • Portal Vein Aneurysm in a Dog

    MIYAWAKI Shingo , WASHIZU Makoto , MAEDA Sadatoshi , SHIBATA Sanae , WATANABE Kazuhiro , YAMAZOE Kazuaki

    … We describe the findings of ultrasound and computed tomography in a case of PVA in a young male toy poodle, with the final diagnosis established by explorative surgical observation. … The dog had an aneurysmal fusiform dilatation in the extrahepatic portal vein with portal hypertension and multiple portsystemic shunts. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 74(9), 1191-1193, 2012

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  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Bilateral Patellar Luxations and Skeletal Dysplasia in a Toy Poodle  [in Japanese]

    Ueda Kazunori , Shimizu Atsushi , Nagaoka Daisuke , Kokubun Ryo , Yasuda Nobutaka , Ishiko Akira , Nagata Masahiko

    … A one-year-old, female toy poodle presented with a skin tear caused by a slicker brush. … The dog also showed bilateral medial patellar luxations (GII), and dysplasia of the occipital bone and cervical vertebrae in X-ray. …

    The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Dermatology 17(2), 85-88, 2011


  • A research on Foreign Body Ingestion in Dogs  [in Japanese]

    SHIMAMURA Asako , INOUE Mai , ARAI Toshiro

    … Accumulation of treatment information and epidemiological data about these cases could lead development of methods for prevention and enlightenment for dog owners. … So far, these incidents are regarded as carelessness by dog owners, and veterinary clinicians did not show concrete directions for prevention of these incidents for owners. …

    Journal of Veterinary Epidemiology 16(1), 35-36, 2011

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  • Distribution of the Inflammatory Lesions in the Central Nervous System of Dogs Affected with Disseminated and Ocular Form of Granulomatous Meningoencephalomyelitis

    MAEHARA Tomomi , SHIMADA Akinori , MORITA Takehito , SAWASHIMA Yuko , SAWASHIMA Kou

    … An aged Maltese dog (dog 1) showed gait ataxia for a month and suddenly died after convulsion. … An aged Toy Poodle dog (dog 2) showed sudden blindness with unresponsive pupillary light reflexes and sudden death due to acute cardiac failure. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 71(4), 509-512, 2009

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  • A Surgical Case of Canine Malignant Mixed Mammary Tumor Metastasized to the Thoracic Vertebral Body.  [in Japanese]

    MOROZUMI Motoji , MAKINO Hitoshi , NAGASE Yumiko , NAKAJIMA Tsuyoshi , SHIMAZU Yoshihito , OKUDA Ayako , ASARI Masao , SATOH Motoyoshi , HIROSE Tsuneo

    … A female toy poodle dog showed severe pain due to metastasis of malignant mixed mammary tumor on the 6 th thoracic vertebral body (T 6) . … The quality of the patient's life was markedly improved due to the reduction of pain, although the dog died of systemic metastasis on the 76 th day after the operation. …

    Japanese Journal of Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgery 27(3), 51-56, 1996


  • Simultaneous development of Sertoli Cell Tumor and Mammary Carcinoma in a Male Dog.  [in Japanese]

    MORIYA Takao

    … A 10-year-old male toy poodle dog with an appearance of feminization was presented to the hospital due to two mass lesions in the right third mammary gland and the right inguinal region. …

    Japanese Journal of Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgery 27(4), 105-111, 1996


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