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  • Corporate Enterprise and the Colonial Economy in India in the Early Twentieth Century : A Study of Calcutta and its Vast Surrounding Hinterlands

    Kawamura Tomotaka , Sekido Ippei

    … By so doing, the authors found that eastern India experienced a 'monocentric' pattern of agglomeration in terms of an all-India economic geography of joint stock companies, in which Calcutta took the lead as the commercial and industrial centres. … It is also argued that these features grew out of India's strong involvement, to a more heightened degree, in inland trade and foreign trade during the British rule. …

    大阪市立大学経済学会經濟學雜誌 = Journal of economics 120(2), 57-78, 2020-03

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  • Borrowing Constraint and Pattern of Trade:─The Significance of Non-tradable Goods─  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 寛人


    札幌学院大学経済論集 = Sapporo Gakuin University Review of Economics (16), 163-172, 2020-02-29



    ZHAO Chong , ZHUANG Xinlei , KAWAI Misao , FUNO Shuji

    … This paper first makes an analysis on the typology of houses, and then discusses the relationships between the different types to reveal their transformation processes.</p><p> The inspecting scope of this paper is the old city (Suocheng) of Haikou, which was a defensive city of Fucheng before the Qing dynasty, In the late Qing dynasty, due to the development of coastal trade, the center of the city moved from Fucheng to Suocheng. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (768), 233-241, 2020-02


  • Chip Test Pattern Reordering Method using Adaptive Test to Reduce Cost for Testing of ICs

    Song Tai , Liang Huaguo , Huang Zhengfeng , Ni Tianming , Sun Ying

    … In addition, the optimal test patterns are searched by means of a polynomial regression function and it provides a trade-off between test cost and test escape. … The test pattern reordering method aims to find defects as early as possible. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2020


  • Export Upgrading in East Asia: Implications for the Middle-income Trap  [in Japanese]

    Kumagai Satoru , Kuroiwa Ikuo

    … In the second half of this paper, we analyze trade in value added using international input-output data to investigate the value added content of high-tech exports. … Moreover, the flying geese pattern of industrial development, which reflects export structure upgrading from downstream to upstream industries, is not observed in Southeast Asian countries.</p> …

    Ajia Keizai 61(2), 2-35, 2020

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  • A Two-country Model of Public Infrastructure Capital : Trade Patterns and Trade Gains in the Long Run

    Yanase Akihiko , Tawada Makoto

    … This study develops a two-country dynamic trade model with public infrastructure capital that has a positive effect on private sector productivity. … Under the assumptions that welfare-maximizing national governments determine the paths of production taxes for financing public investment and that infrastructure has an "unpaid factor" property, this study examines the economy's trade pattern and the long-run effects of trade. …

    Economic Research Center Discussion Paper (E19-8), 1-36, 2019-08


  • Age-dependent changes in the growth and reproductive patterns of the southern red tabira bitterling, Acheilognathus tabira jordani

    Tamura Moe , Ikeda Saho , Nishio Masaki , Kawakami Ryosuke , Yamazaki Yuji

    Ichthyological research : an official journal of the Ichthyological Society of Japan 66(3), 385-392, 2019-07-25

  • A Micro-Analysis of the Life Cycle Model and Savings Determinants with Late Labour Engagement

    Ogwumike Fidelis , Aderemi Taiwo Adekunte , Ofoegbu Donald

    … Scanty evidence exists on the savings' determinants from a micro perspective in Nigeria.Using a synthetic cohort approach and six waves of surveys (1980, 1985, 1992, 1996, 2004 and 2009), this study profiled the savings pattern of households and examined savings determinants in Nigeria. … Household savings pattern validated the Life Cycle Hypothesis, but did not hold for age group 65-79. …

    Journal of International Economic Studies (33), 49-62, 2019-03

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  • Demographic Changes and Development Stage Theory of the Balance of Payments  [in Japanese]

    黒坂 佳央

    … "The balance of payments development stage theory", which is a "hypothesis explaining the long-term pattern change of international balance of payments structure in one country", is theoretically derived by the "Onitsuka model". … The income account surplus exceeded the trade and service account deficit and the current account that roughly corresponds to the sum of the two balances is surplus, which means that the Japanese economy has reached the stage of the entrance of mature creditor countries. …

    武蔵大学論集 = The journal of Musashi University 66(2-4), 1-17, 2019-03


  • Proposal on Multiscale Modeling by Homogenized Microcontinuum Field Theory  [in Japanese]


    … The orthogonal, oblique and face body-centered (FBC) lattice framework structures consisting of microcontinuous beams were analyzed to produce the unique deformation pattern. … First, as increasing the number of additional DOFs the body has, its rigidity becomes decreasing, which fact shows the typical trade-off relationship. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 243, 2019


  • Unbiased whole-brain imaging to uncover molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targets for brain disorders  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Hitoshi

    … However, it is still a challenge due to the trade-offs between imaging speed and spatial resolution irrespective of if tissue clearing methods are used. … By using this system, it became possible to perform quantitative comparisons of whole-brain structures and neuronal activities at the cellular level using the spatial coordinated alphanumeric data of brain cells and pattern recognition methods. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 1-SL01, 2019


  • Novel Fast Etch Rate BARC for ArF Implant Layer Lithography

    Park Jin Hong , Lee Hye-Won , Shin You Rim , Leem Soo-Jung , Sim Jae Hwan , Lim Jae-Bong

    … <p>As the pattern size for the implantation process decreases, KrF lithography has reached its limit in the implementation of micropatterns, calling for the switch to ArF lithography. … Designing of fast-etch material could be accomplished with utilization of the widely-used model of Ohnishi parameters (O.P.), while designed material revealed the trade-off between etch rate and solubility in organic solvents. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(3), 435-439, 2019


  • Understanding of Strategic Design of Resist Formulation Through Studying of Quencher-Functional Component and Those Contributions to High Resolution Patterning

    Lee Choong-Bong , Park James , Cutler Charlotte , DeSisto Jason , Rena Rochelle , Marangoni Tomas , Aqad Emad , Thackeray James W.

    … <p>Utilizing Line and Space (L/S) application on high resolution patterning to critical dimension (CD) below 42nm line thru typical ArF PTD process sees severe problems of trade-off or lack of correlation among linewidth roughness (LWR) and dose response (Esize), which are critical performers for delivering decent patterning ability toward Multiple Patterning Process (MPP). …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(2), 361-366, 2019


  • Patterning Material Challenges for Improving EUV Stochastics

    Silva Anuja De , Meli Luciana , Guo Jing , Dutta Ashim , Goldfarb Dario L. , Church Jennifer , Felix Nelson M.

    … However, the limits of this trade-off between improving stochastics-related defects with a higher dose resist remains to be understood. … The choice of hardmask can be used to modulate post-litho defectivity to mitigate the stochastics effects and enable more efficient pattern transfer. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(1), 169-177, 2019


  • Oversized Governments in Latin American Presidential Democracies: A Lesson from Brazil  [in Japanese]

    Niikawa Sho , Masukata Shuichiro

    … <p>Oversized coalitions are not unusual in Brazil, but little attention has been given to explaining the causal mechanisms of this government pattern in the context of Latin American politics. …

    Ajia Keizai 60(2), 34-67, 2019

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  • The Involvement in Global Value Chains and its Policy Implication : Evidence of Vietnam

    田口 博之 , Minh Duc Nguyen , Son Duong Pham

    … This article examines the involvement pattern in global value chains (GVCs) with its policy implication in Vietnam, in comparison with those of the other Asian countries, by using the OECD value-added-trade data. …

    社会科学論集 = SHAKAIKAGAKU-RONSHU (The Social Science Review) (156), 103-118, 2019

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  • The Location of Medieval Ports in Kagoshima Castle Town  [in Japanese]

    三好 志尚

    … Moreover, Kagoshima can provide evidence of a new type of the relationship between foreign-trade ports and castle towns because the Shimazu were involved in the trade with the Ming Dynasty, Ryūkyū and Europe. … The section devoted to the Uchi- castle period shows in particular the developmental process of certain residential areas by focusing on the direction and pattern of roads and allotments. …

    史林 = The Journal of history 101(5), 825-845, 2018-09

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  • Effect of Equality Constraints to Unconstrained Large Margin Distribution Machines

    Abe Shigeo

    … Artificial Neural Networks In Pattern Recognition : 8th IAPR TC3 Workshop, ANNPR 2018, Siena, Italy, September 19–21, 2018, Proceedings. … By setting a hyperparameter to control the trade-off between the generalization ability and the training error to zero, LS LDMs reduce to ULDMs. …

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science (11081), 41-53, 2018-08-30


  • Highly Responsive Detection Method of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Using Data Mining Technique  [in Japanese]

    臼崎 翔太郎 , 山場 久昭 , 油田 健太郎 , 岡崎 直宣

    … The signature type has signature database that stores a pattern of an attack packet. … However, the more the pattern of registered attack increases, the more the responsiveness decreases because of computational complexity of pattern matching. … However, it has the trade-off relationship between detection accuracy and responsiveness. …

    宮崎大學工學部紀要 (47), 221-225, 2018-07


  • A Study on Development Patterns of Latecomer Countries in Southeast Asia  [in Japanese]

    中西 宏太 , NAKANISHI Hirota , ナカニシ ヒロタ , 税所 哲郎 , SAISHO Tetsuro , サイショ テツロウ

    … The article concludes that the pattern of Thailand's' industrialization as the latest latecomer differs from those of other advanced countries, such as Japan and South Korea. … This is due to the impact of globalization, particularly, free trade and foreign direct investment in these countries by transnational corporations (TNCs) in the end of the 20th century and early 21st century. …

    群馬大学社会情報学部研究論集 (25), 71-90, 2018-03-01


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