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  • Drug tolerability and reasons for discontinuation of seven biologics in elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis-The ANSWER cohort study-

    Ebina Kosuke , Hashimoto Motomu , Yamamoto Wataru , Hirano Toru , Hara Ryota , Katayama Masaki , Onishi Akira , Nagai Koji , Son Yonsu , Amuro Hideki , Yamamoto Keiichi , Maeda Yuichi , Murata Koichi , Jinno Sadao , Takeuchi Tohru , Hirao Makoto , Kumanogoh Atsushi , Yoshikawa Hideki

    … Background The aim of this study is to evaluate the retention rates and reasons for discontinuation for seven biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) in a real-world setting of elderly patients (65 years of age or older) with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). … Methods This multi-center, retrospective study assessed 1,098 treatment courses of 661 patients with bDMARDs from 2009 to 2018 (females, 80.7%; … Treatment courses included abatacept (ABT; …

    PLoS ONE 14(5), e0216624, 2019-05-08


  • Enhancement on the characteristics of supercapacitors using surface modification of sprayed-carbon nanotube thin film electrodes with oxygen plasma treatment

    Li Wei-Shuo , Chuang Kai-Chi , Li Yi-Shao , Luo Jun-Dao , Chang Man-Lin , Cheng Huang-Chung

    … With the treatment time of 60 s, the specific capacitance could raise from 23.7 to 49.3 F g<sup>−1</sup>with respect to the as-sprayed CNTFs under the cyclic voltammetry measurement. … The capacitance retention remain about 96.5% after 5000 cycles at current density of 1 A g<sup>−1</sup>. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 58(5), 056502, 2019-04-12


  • Multilevel resistive switching behaviors of N

    Fu Yi , Kao Chyuan-Haur , Chan Ya-Ting , Chu Tzu-Ming , Wang Jer-Chyi

    … With the N<inf>2</inf>plasma treatment on SiN<inf>x</inf>films, the operation voltages and resistance ratio of SiN<inf>x</inf>RRAMs are significantly improved by increasing the concentration of nitrogen vacancies, leading to a reduction in the Schottky barrier height at the Ir/SiN<inf>x</inf>interface. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 58(SB), SBBB13, 2019-03-14


  • A case of adult maxillary protrusion with severe periodontitis and mental retardation.  [in Japanese]

    菅原 由紀 , 宮治 裕史 , 佐藤 嘉晃

    精神遅滞と重度歯周炎を有する上顎前突症患者に,矯正歯科治療を含めた包括歯科治療を行うことで,安定した咬合を得ることができたので報告する.  患者は33歳10か月の女性.重度歯周炎による強い歯の動揺を主訴として来院した.上顎前歯の著しい唇側傾斜と空隙歯列,過蓋咬合を呈し,強い咬唇癖が認められた.歯周基本治療後,矯正歯科治療を開始した.  歯周炎による歯槽骨の低下に配慮し,矯正力は弱く …

    北海道歯学雑誌 39(2), 137-145, 2019-03


  • Surgical orthodontic treatment of patients with impacted upper left canine, anterior open bite, and skeletal Class III jaw base relationship  [in Japanese]

    増岡 尚哉 , 竹内 綾 , 村林 学 , 北井 則行

    … This case report describes the surgical orthodontic treatment of the female aged 41 years 11 months demonstrating impacted upper left canine, anterior open bite, and high angle ClassⅢ malocclusion. … Retraction of the impacted upper left canine and presurgical orthodontic treatment were performed with a preadjusted edgewise appliance following extraction of upper bilateral second premolars. …

    岐阜歯科学会雑誌 = The Journal of Gifu Dental Society 45(3), 179-185, 2019-02


  • Changes in life characteristics and fruit characteristics by 1-MCP treatment in melon 'Ichibakouji'  [in Japanese]

    児島 清秀 , 渡邊 和典 , 藤石 里紗 , Kojima Kiyohide , Watanabe Kazunori , Fujiishi Risa

    「市場小路」への1-MCP処理による果実特性の変化の調査を目的とした。非破壊硬度計を用いて、弾性指標による熟度評価を行った。果実重・弾性指標・エチレン生成量をそれぞれ2~3日おきに測定し、1-MCPの鮮度保持効果を調査した。果実重は処理区と無処理区ともに差はなく減少していった。両区とも20日目には約94%まで低下した。弾性指標は処理区と無処理区ともに低下したが、処理区のほうがより高い値を推移した。 …

    新潟大学農学部研究報告 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University 71, 5-8, 2019-02


  • Effect of etching with potassium hydrogen difluoride and ammonium hydrogen difluoride on bonding of a tri-<i>n</i>-butylborane initiated resin to zirconia

    AKAZAWA Nobutaka , KOIZUMI Hiroyasu , NOGAWA Hiroshi , KODAIRA Akihisa , BURROW Michael F. , MATSUMURA Hideo

    … Zirconia disks were prepared using the following surface treatment: no treatment, alumina blasting, and etching with KHF<sub>2</sub> … groups exhibited higher shear bond strength and surface free energy than did the alumina blasting and no treatment groups. … exhibited superior bonding ability of mechanical retention to zirconia.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2019


  • Transfusion-associated circulatory overload with pulmonary alveolar hemorrhage following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation  [in Japanese]

    ADACHI Hiroto , KOBAYASHI Takeshi , KAKIHANA Kazuhiko , HARAGUCHI Kyoko , KITAHARA Yasuyuki , OKUYAMA Yoshiki , SAKAMAKI Hisashi , OHASHI Kazuteru , DOKI Noriko , HINO Yutaro , SENOO Yasushi , IKEGAWA Shuntaro , WATANABE Daisuke , INAMOTO Kyoko , YOSHIOKA Kosuke , NAJIMA Yuho

    <p>症例は,51歳男性。急性骨髄性白血病再発のため,同種骨髄移植を施行された。移植後6ヶ月に足背浮腫と少量の胸水・心嚢水を認め,屯用の利尿剤内服で改善していた。移植後8ヶ月に,貧血に対して赤血球輸血を行い,輸血80分後に肺胞出血を伴う急性呼吸不全となり気管内挿管後人工呼吸器管理となった。急激な肺うっ血像と左室収縮能低下を認めたためtransfusion associated circ …

    Rinsho Ketsueki 60(4), 296-301, 2019


  • A case report of improvement of oral health related to QOL by crowns and removable partial dentures in an elderly patient  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Muto

    <p><b>症例の概要</b>:患者は73歳女性.下顎部分床義歯の動揺による咀嚼困難を主訴に来院.歯冠補綴装置と部分床義歯を用いて咀嚼困難および審美不良を改善するとともに,口腔関連QOLの向上も得られた.</p><p><b>考察</b>:本症例は,咬合接触状態を改善したことにより主訴が改善できた.近年,咬合と全身の …

    Annals of Japan Prosthodontic Society 11(2), 155-158, 2019


  • Measurement of Linezolid and Its Metabolites PNU-142300 and PNU-142586 in Human Plasma Using Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method

    Sakurai Norihiro , Nakamura Yasutaka , Kawaguchi Hiroshi , Abe Junko , Yamada Koichi , Nagayama Katsuya , Kakeya Hiroshi

    … No interference peak was observed at the retention times of linezolid, PNU-142300, PNU-142586, and <i>p</i>-toluic acid from blank plasma. … This assay would be a powerful tool for therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analyses in the optimization of linezolid treatment.</p> …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 67(5), 439-444, 2019


  • Bonding durability of titanium tetrafluoride treated glass fiber post with resin cement

    ELSAKA Shaymaa E. , ELNAGHY Amr M.

    … The specimens were divided into eight groups according to the method of surface treatment performed. … (4 wt/v%-4 min) on removing the surface layer of the resin matrix of fiber posts that provides more uncovered surface areas of posts which improved the micromechanical retention of the resin cement. … Surface treatment of fiber post with TiF<sub>4</sub> …

    Dental Materials Journal 38(2), 189-195, 2019


  • Debittering of Red Bell Pepper (<i>Capsicum annuum</i>) Juice Retaining a High Vitamin B6 Content, Using a Styrene-divinylbenzene Adsorbent Resin

    Fukao Masanori , Shirono Hirotaka , Takada Wataru , Moriuchi Tomoo , Fukaya Tetsuya

    … Moreover, vitamin B6 was retained at a high level, and the basic nutritional balance did not change after the treatment. … Thus, resin adsorption is an efficient technique for the debittering and selective retention of high-value nutrition in RBP juice.</p> …

    Food Science and Technology Research 25(1), 57-63, 2019


  • Clinical outcomes of 20 Japanese patients with insulinoma treated with diazoxide

    Niitsu Yoshihiro , Tanabe Minoru , Yamada Tetsuya , Ogawa Yoshihiro , Minami Isao , Izumiyama Hajime , Hashimoto Koshi , Yoshimoto Takanobu , Satou Fuminori , Tsujino Motoyoshi , Ota Kazuki , Kudo Atsushi

    … <p>Diazoxide is recognized as an effective medical treatment for insulinoma. … However, due to its adverse effects, such as fluid retention, it is sometimes difficult to employ diazoxide at an effective dose in clinical practice. … This study aimed to clarify the clinical factors, which may affect efficacy and safety of the diazoxide treatment. … Fluid retention was observed more frequently in females than in males (<i>p</i> …

    Endocrine Journal 66(2), 149-155, 2019


  • A possible risk of CAD/CAM-produced composite resin premolar crowns on a removable partial denture abutment tooth: a 3-year retrospective cohort study

    Miura Shoko , Kasahara Shin , Yamauchi Shinobu , Katsuda Yusuke , Harada Akio , Aida Jun , Egusa Hiroshi

    … To evaluate the early performance of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)-produced composite resin crown (CAD/CAM composite crown) treatment on premolars, specifically, placement on a removable partial denture (RPD) abutment tooth, and the distalmost tooth in the dental arch, as possible clinical risk factors.</p><p><i>Methods:</i> …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 63(1), 78-84, 2019


  • Dynamic Estimation of Hourly Fluctuation of Influent Biodegradable Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Materials Using Activated Sludge System

    Nguyen Viet Hoang , Harada Hidenori , Le Van Tuan , Nguyen Thi Ha , Nguyen Xuan Hai , Terashima Mitsuharu , Yasui Hidenari

    … <p>The study was aimed at developing an alternative method to catch biodegradable concentrations in municipal wastewater, especially for designing wastewater treatment plants receiving storm water where the influent concentrations significantly changed in time. …

    Journal of Water and Environment Technology 17(1), 40-53, 2019


  • Effects of Biomass Addition on Organic Composition of Supernatant in Sludge Digestion Process

    Gu Tingting , Shen Bin , Huang Changyan , Honda Ryo , Yamamoto-Ikemoto Ryoko

    … Sludge retention time was 25 d; … Results of DOMs analysis and EEM spectra of filtrate samples after aerobic treatment showed that organic content in digested sludge was resistant to biodegrade.</p> …

    Journal of Water and Environment Technology 17(1), 1-8, 2019


  • Drug properties of fosravuconazole L-lysine ethanolate (NAILIN<sup>®</sup> Capsules 100 mg), a new oral azole therapeutic for onychomycosis: an analysis based on non-clinical and clinical trial data  [in Japanese]

    Nakano Makoto , Aoki Yuto , Yamaguchi Hideyo

    <p>ラブコナゾールは,強力な抗真菌活性に加えて薬物相互作用や肝機能障害の懸念が少ないことを特徴とする第4世代のアゾール系抗真菌薬である.そのプロドラッグとして新たに創薬されたのがホスラブコナゾールl-リシンエタノール付加物(以下 ホスラブコナゾール,製品名:ネイリン<sup>®</sup>カプセル100 mg)である.ラブコナゾールは,皮膚糸状菌,カンジダ属な …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 153(2), 79-87, 2019

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

  • Effect of Accelerated Aging Test Condition on the Nailed Joint Performance of Wood-based Panels for Construction  [in Japanese]

    Kojima Yoichi , Kobayashi Chinatsu , Shoji Takuma , Kobori Hikaru , Suzuki Shigehiko , Nishikido Kuniharu , Takahashi Kazuaki

    <p>木質パネル類を構造用途に利用する場合,釘接合性能の耐久性が重要となる。本論文では,パーティクルボード(PB)と合板(PW)を用いて,促進劣化処理試験を行う際の釘の打ち込みタイミングによって各釘接合性能にどのような影響を及ぼすのかを検討した。その結果,釘打ちした後に促進劣化処理を施したDry-1と処理後に釘打ちを行ったDry-2において,JIS規格に規定された釘側面抵抗力(Late …

    Mokuzai Gakkaishi 65(1), 39-45, 2019


  • Intraoral management after partial denture wearing  [in Japanese]

    Ishigami Tomohiko

    <p> 種々異なる義歯装着後の口腔内ですが,大切なのは義歯の安定と残存歯の保全と咬合のバランスが義歯装着当初を維持し続けるように口腔内の管理を行う事です.義歯の支持力,咀嚼に対する把持力そして義歯全体としての維持力のバランス,さらに,患者さんの義歯に対する要求度の違い,患者さんと歯科医師の人間関係等,種々の関係が相乗的に義歯の術後経過に影響を与えます.つまり,これら種々の関係に統合した …

    Annals of Japan Prosthodontic Society 11(1), 20-25, 2019

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

  • A case report of treatment with overdentures for masticatory disturbance and esthetic dissatisfaction  [in Japanese]

    Kawano Toshihiro

    <p><b>症例の概要</b>:患者は76歳女性,上顎全部床義歯の維持不良,下顎部分床義歯のクラスプに対する審美障害,および硬固物に対する咀嚼困難を主訴に来院した.最終補綴を磁性アタッチメントを用いたオーバーデンチャーとすることで良好な結果を得ることができた.</p><p><b>考察</b>:下顎部分床義歯のクラス …

    Annals of Japan Prosthodontic Society 11(1), 76-79, 2019

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

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