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  • The Mediated Senior  [in Japanese]

    Gumpert Gary , Drucker Susan

    … With the positive may come unintended negative consequences resulting in a need to understand people/environment relationships and the unique needs of seniors.</p><p>Emerging areas of communication are introduced suggesting insights for future research. … The second approach introduced is urban communication which conceptualizes cities as complex environments of interpersonal interaction, landscapes of spaces and places shaping human behavior, and intricate technological environments. …

    MERA Journal 21(2), 12-21, 2019


  • A study on the relationship between unplanned purchasing and consumption values on EC sites  [in Japanese]

    Masuda Riku , Shirai Yasuyuki

    … Targeting ads, which collect lots of data and are hit according to individual tastes, are causing unintended buying behavior for consumers. …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 201906(0), 97-100, 2019


  • Experimental Research on the Relationship between Driving-supports and Panic-like Behaviours  [in Japanese]

    KITAJIMA Hiroki , SOGA Shigeji , KURODA Manabu

    … <p>The panic occurring while driving is considered to be a factor of the major accidents such as those due to unintended acceleration. …

    The Journal of Science of Labour 94(3), 74-90, 2018


  • Trends in Research on Adolescent Sexuality Education, Fertility Awareness, and the Possibility of Life Planning Based on Reproductive Health Education  [in Japanese]

    NISHIOKA Emiko

    … In Japan, effort has been directed toward sexuality education, but no systematic program based on behavior theory has been adopted. … Delaying childbearing based on inaccurate knowledge of the decline in female fertility could lead to unintended infertility. …

    Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Hygiene) 73(2), 185-199, 2018

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  • Method for Detecting Operation Mistakes with Accelerator Pedal

    Suzuki Tomokazu

    … Since the sudden acceleration (SA) accidents in the 1980's, unintended acceleration has been an accelerator pedal operation mistake without a definitive solution. … This characteristic is also hoped to be an effective method to detect the accelerator pedal operation mistake and prevent unintended acceleration accidents. …

    International Journal of Automotive Engineering 9(1), 16-22, 2018


  • Modification of multiple ion channel functions <i>in vivo</i> by pharmacological inhibition: observation by threshold tracking and modeling

    Banzrai Chimeglkham , Nodera Hiroyuki , Okada Ryo , Higashi Saki , Osaki Yusuke , Kaji Ryuji

    … single channel neurophysiological study on overall behavior. … Unintended effects by ion channel modification could be caused by secondary current alteration by multiple ion channels. …

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 64(1.2), 30-38, 2017

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  • Developmental Toxicity of Nanoparticles on the Brain  [in Japanese]

    Umezawa Masakazu , Onoda Atsuto , Takeda Ken

    … Locomotor activity, learning and memory, motor coordination, and social behavior were reported as potential neurobehavioral targets of maternal nanoparticle exposure. … Further investigations will show the detailed mechanism of developmental toxicity of nanoparticles and preventive strategies against intended and unintended nanoparticle exposure. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 137(1), 73-78, 2017

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  • Method Seals: Safe Class Extension for Ruby Limiting the Scope to Known Call Paths  [in Japanese]

    福室 嶺 , 千葉 滋

    … They are easy to cause unintended behavior due to collision among multiple extensions or being enabled in an unexpected domain while they contribute to improvement modularity. … This prevents class extensions from giving an unexpected impact on codes in black boxes and causing an unintended behavior of a whole program. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 9(4), 16-26, 2016-09-12


  • LogChamber: Inferring Source Code Locations Corresponding to Mobile Applications Run-time Logs

    Yuki Ono , Kouhei Sakurai , Satoshi Yamane

    … After that, they need to have a process for estimating a program's runtime behavior in order to identify the locations of unintended behavior. … After that, they need to have a process for estimating a program's runtime behavior in order to identify the locations of unintended behavior. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 9(2), 2016-05-24


  • Quantitative Evaluation of Changes in Joystick Operation Induced by Downhill Turning Prevention Control for a Power Wheelchair  [in Japanese]

    Suzurikawa Jun , Kamo Mitsuhiro , Iida Norikazu , Iwata Kakuya , Matsumoto Osamu , Inoue Takenobu

    … To prevent this unintended change of a track by the gravity, downhill turning prevention control (DTPC) has been developed and widely used for power wheelchairs. … In this study, we investigated DTPC-induced changes in joystick operation and wheelchair behavior by test drives on a cross slope. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 136(9), 1318-1323, 2016


  • LogChamber: Inferring Source Code Locations Corresponding to Mobile Applications Run-time Logs

    Ono Yuki , Sakurai Kouhei , Yamane Satoshi

    … After that, they need to have a process for estimating a program's runtime behavior in order to identify the locations of unintended behavior. …

    Journal of Information Processing 24(4), 700-710, 2016

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  • Pregnancy intention and contraceptive use among married and unmarried women in Japan

    KONISHI Shoko , TAMAKI Emi

    … Using cross<tt>-</tt>sectional data from the Biodemography Project conducted in Japan in 2014, we analyzed current contraceptive behavior and pregnancy intention among 1,746 (1,361 married and 385 unmarried; … Further research is needed to determine whether they are at increased risk of unintended pregnancy. …

    Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology 82(3), 110-124, 2016

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  • A Study of Pathology in Dewey's Theory of Experience : A New Look into His Philosophical Project

    UKAI Shunji , 鵜飼 峻二

    … Dewey scholars who acknowledge the importance of the subject in experience - Alexander (1987) and Garrison (2003) among others - only mention it in passing as a negative behavior to overcome. … I first illustrate Dewey's understanding of human behavior from his famous "The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology" (1896), and situate his "The Theory of Emotion" (1894-1895) within it as it serves as a basis of locating the pathological behavior. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 教育科学 63(1), 61-69, 2016

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  • Reactive System Synthesis with Tolerance for Unexpected Environmental Behavior  [in Japanese]

    UENO Atsushi , TOMITA Takashi , SHIMAKAWA Masaya , HAGIHARA Shigeki , YONEZAKI Naoki

    … On the synthesis of reactive system (RS), if we assume some behavior property on an environment, specifications must include the environmental constraint in their conditional part. …

    Technical report of IEICE. SS 114(510), 7-12, 2015-03-09

  • Configuration Method of Fixing System with 2-Dimensionally Low-Frequency Vibration for Drilling to Decrease Influence from Unintended Displacement of Workpiece

    Burdukovskyi Ivan , Kaneko Jun'ichi , Horio Kenichiro

    … A thrust force of 6 – 10 N from the drilling process may induce an unintended displacement of the workpiece. … If the rigidities of the horizontal and the vertical spring systems are not balanced, unintended displacement may create diameter error during the drilling process. … In this study, a method is proposed for configuring of the FS2DV with balanced spring systems to minimize the effects of the unintended displacement on diameter error. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 9(2), 161-169, 2015


  • A polynomial time algorithm for determining type behavior equivalence of XPath queries under an XML schema  [in Japanese]

    FUTAGAMI Tsukasa , ISHIHARA Yasunori , FUJIWARA Toru

    … Moreover, for database applications, it is desirable to guarantee that unintended change of query behavior does not occur by schema evolution. … That is, we need queries which have the same behavior on different schemas. …

    Technical report of IEICE. SS 114(271), 23-28, 2014-10-23

  • A Method for Reducing the Congestion Caused by the Notification Behavior of Android OS  [in Japanese]

    川崎 仁嗣 , 神山 剛 , 小西 哲平 , 大久保 信三 , 太田 賢 , 稲村 浩

    … 研究では,複数の端末で同一タイミングに発生する状態変化の場合,通知タイミングを遅延させることで通信集中を削減する制御手法を提案する.実端末を用いた評価において,複数端末で同期したタイミングでのアプリ動作が抑制され,通信タイミングが端末間で分散することを確認した.Android OS has a mechanism that raises an event notification to indicate a change in state caused by user's operation, other tasks' behavior, or a change in …

    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS) 7(1), 23-34, 2014-03-25


  • The Physical Restraint of Users and Patients in Welfare Facilities and Hospitals, and the Related Legal Problems  [in Japanese]

    SHIMANUKI Masato

    … In welfare facilities restraints are sometimes placed on the behavior of the users in order to prevent accidents such as users falling down, etc. … one of the three requirements for restraint, is an extremely fluid and unclear concept, and we state that delegating the satisfaction of this requirement to an ex-post facto judicial review could have the unintended consequence of leading to greater use of physical restraint by workers in welfare facilities. …

    Japanese Journal of Social Welfare 55(1), 1-12, 2014

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  • Analysis of Acoustic Feature of Command Speech Towards a Mobile Robot Under the Robot's Unintended Behavior  [in Japanese]

    TOTSUKA Noriko , ITO Akinori

    … In this case, the robot might behave in an unintended way because of mis-recognitions or wrong commands. … When the robot moves against the users' intention, the behavior should be corrected quickly. … But how the robot knows that the behavior does not conform the operator's intention? … We are investigating a possibility to use acoustic features of user's utterances to estimate whether the robot's behavior comply the user's intention. …

    IEICE technical report. Speech 113(161), 57-62, 2013-07-25

  • Stochastic Counting MEMS Sensor Using White Noise Oscillation for High Temperature Environment  [in Japanese]

    HATAKEYAMA Yohei , ESASHI Masayoshi , TANAKA Shuji

    … When the frequency of the pulse voltage for pull-in increases, the behavior of the sensor becomes unintended, because the mass is pulled-in during dumping vibration after releasing from the previous pull-in. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 131(5), 178-184, 2011-05-01

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