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  • Efficient and Precise Dynamic Use-After-Free Detection for Executables  [in Japanese]

    石山 泰地 , 荒堀 喜貴 , 権藤 克彦

    Use-After-Free (UAF) is a memory bug in which a (dangling) pointer to a freed memory objects is dereferenced. … UAFs are a notorious source of many security vulnerabilities such as arbitrary code execution and information leakage. … Binary instrumentation-based UAF detectors are, on the other hand, neither efficient nor precise. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 12(3), 14-14, 2019-07-17


  • Mitigating Use-After-Free Attacks Using Memory-Reuse-Prohibited Library

    YAMAUCHI Toshihiro , IKEGAMI Yuta , BAN Yuya

    … <p>Recently, there has been an increase in use-after-free (UAF) vulnerabilities, which are exploited using a dangling pointer that refers to a freed memory. … In particular, large-scale programs such as browsers often include many dangling pointers, and UAF vulnerabilities are frequently exploited by drive-by download attacks. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(10), 2295-2306, 2017


  • Safe Trans Loader: Mitigating UAF Attack by Program Loader  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 孝道 , 堀 洋輔 , 角田 佳史 , 馬場 隆彰 , 宮崎 博行 , 王 氷 , 近藤 秀太 , 渡辺 亮平

    コンピュータセキュリティシンポジウム2015論文集 2015(3), 480-487, 2015-10-14


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