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  • Characterizing Linear Structures of Boolean Functions from Arithmetic Walsh Transform

    ZHAO Qinglan , ZHENG Dong , LI Xiangxue , ZHANG Yinghui , DONG Xiaoli

    … For some classes of <i>n</i>-variable Boolean functions <i>f</i>, we find necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of an invariant linear structure and a complementary linear structure 1<i><sup>n</sup></i> … We abstract out a sectionally linear relationship between AWT and WHT of <i>n</i>-variable balanced Boolean functions <i>f</i> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E100.A(9), 1965-1972, 2017




    ICIC express letters. Part B, Applications : an international journal of research and surveys 7(6), 1185-1191, 2016-06

  • ブルーベリー果実の重量,形態および吸水特性が裂果感受性の品種間差に及ぼす影響

    馬場 隆士 , Fraidoon Karimi , 半 智史 , 船田 良 , 伴 琢也

    ブルーベリーの裂果感受性の品種間差とその決定要因を解明するとともに同一日に収穫した高裂果感受性品種の果実間で裂果感受性が異なる機構を詳細に解明することを目的として,ブルーベリー23品種を供試して果実の重量,形態,吸水特性が裂果感受性に及ぼす影響,および裂果高感受性品種において同一日に収穫した果実の重量,形態,吸水特性が裂果感受性に及ぼす影響を調査した.各品種の裂果率は0~56.7%で品種間差があっ …

    園芸学研究 15(2), 179-187, 2016


  • Strategies for maximizing power and strength gains in isoinertial resistance training: Implications for competitive athletes

    Sakamoto Akihiro , Sinclair Peter James , Naito Hisashi

    … Hence, power training under isoinertial resistance (e.g., body mass, weights or flywheel, etc.) provides event-specific adaptive stimuli. … 30% 1RM, e.g., plyometrics) methods, with the aim of being able to overcome variable external loadings across a range of velocities. … It is, however, difficult to precisely reproduce the prescribed intensities, given several concerns associated with 1RM testing and the variable accuracies of the repetition-intensity or velocity-intensity relationship. …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 5(2), 153-166, 2016


  • Unsupervised Learning of Continuous Density HMM for Variable-Length Spoken Unit Discovery

    SUN Meng , VAN HAMME Hugo , WANG Yimin , ZHANG Xiongwei

    … In SCDHMM, all the hidden states share the same group of Gaussians but with different mixture weights. … Baum-Welch training is finally conducted to update the parameters of the Gaussians, mixture weights and HMM transition probabilities. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E99.D(1), 296-299, 2016


  • Effects of the PEG Molecular Weight of a PEG-Lipid and Cholesterol on PEG Chain Flexibility on Liposome Surfaces

    ABE Kozue , HIGASHI Kenjirou , WATABE Keiko , KOBAYASHI Ai , LIMWIKRANT Waree , MORIBE Kunikazu , YAMAMOTO Keiji

    … A variable-temperature 1H NMR study was performed to investigate the effects of the molecular weight of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) in PEG–lipids and cholesterol addition to the lipid bilayer on PEG chain flexibility at the liposomal surface. … PEG–lipids, i.e., L-α-distearoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DSPE)–PEG, with PEG molecular weights of 750, 2000, and 5000 were modified to liposomes of ca. …



  • データベース更新によるJust-In-Timeモデルの予測精度の改善

    田中 健一 , 金子 弘昌 , 長阪 匡介 , 船津 公人

    化学工学プロセスにおいて実時間測定が困難な変数の値の推定にソフトセンサーが広く利用されている。しかし、触媒の劣化や製造銘柄の変更等に伴い説明変数Xと目的変数yとの関係が変化した場合、変化前のデータから構築されたソフトセンサーでは変化後の予測が困難となる。この問題はソフトセンサーモデルの劣化と呼ばれ、対応策として各種適応型ソフトセンサーモデルが提案されている。本研究では適応型ソフトセンサーモデルの中 …

    ケモインフォマティクス討論会予稿集 2015(0), 52-55, 2015


  • Rapid Converging M-Max Partial Update Least Mean Square Algorithms with New Variable Step-Size Methods

    LI-YOU Jin , CHIEN Ying-Ren , TSAO Yu

    … However, because a PU algorithm updates only a portion of the weights of the adaptive filters, the rate of convergence is reduced. … To address this issue, this paper proposes an enhanced switching-based variable step-size (ES-VSS) approach to the M-max PU least mean square (LMS) algorithm. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E98.A(12), 2650-2657, 2015


  • ライフサイクル影響評価における様々な手法による重み付け係数の算定と比較

    横井 崚佑 , 中谷 隼 , 本下 晶晴 [他] , 森口 祐一

    … There are many kinds of calculation methods of weights such as distance-to-target (DtT), panel, and monetization methods and the choice of the calculation method has an effect on the decision-making. … Compared with the weighting factors based on the DtT methods, there was less difference among the weights of impact categories calculated based on panel methods. … These results suggest that weighting factors can be affected by various factors such as the choice of calculation method of weights. …

    日本LCA学会誌 11(3), 278-291, 2015


  • データベース更新によるJust-In-Timeモデルの予測精度の改善

    田中 健一 , 金子 弘昌 , 長阪 匡介 , 船津 公人

    化学工学プロセスにおいて実時間測定が困難な変数の値を推定するための手法としてソフトセンサーが広く利用されている。しかし、触媒の劣化や製造銘柄の変更に伴い説明変数Xと目的変数yとの関係が変化した場合、変化前の状態で測定されたデータを用いて構築されたソフトセンサーでは変化後の状態でyの値を予測することは困難である。この問題はソフトセンサーモデルの劣化と呼ばれ、それに対応するため各種の適応型ソフトセンサ …

    Journal of Computer Aided Chemistry 16(0), 1-14, 2015


  • 繰り返し重み付き最小二乗法を用いた阻止域の複数要素が可変なFIRフィルタの準等リプル設計

    宮田 統馬 , 岡本 光平 , 相川 直幸

    … Automatically dynamic measurement systems to measure object weights are used in logistics and food industry, etc. … As a result, variable filters are better suited for checkweighers to reduce the noises after installation. … In this paper, we propose a design method of quasi-equiripple variable linear-phase FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters using iterative weighted least squares method in the frequency domain. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 135(6), 671-678, 2015


  • On Constraints in Networks with Fixed Degrees of Nodes (情報ネットワーク)


    … Classes of networks (weighted graphs) with fixed degrees of nodes, the arc weights (capacities) of which do not exceed a given parameter, are investigated. … The characteristic functions depending on the coordinates of vector and the parameter are given, the non-negativity of these functions is the criterion of the existence of a network the degrees of nodes of which are equal to the coordinates of the vector, and the arc weights do not exceed the given parameter. …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 114(207), 147-152, 2014-09-11

  • MIMO伝送における可変プリコーディングを用いた伝送特性の改善 (無線通信システム)

    尾崎 達也 , 岩井 誠人 , 笹岡 秀一

    MIMO伝送においてプリコーディングを用いる場合,送信側で伝搬路情報を必要とすることが一般的である.これに対して本稿では,送信側で伝搬路情報を未知とし,プリコーディングを時間的に変化させる方式を検討する.これに誤り訂正符号およびインターリーブを組み合わせることにより,プリコーディングを行わない場合に対して伝送特性を改善する方式を提案する.この提案方式の性能を計算機シミュレーションにより評価し,その …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(386), 47-51, 2014-01-23

  • MIMO伝送における可変プリコーディングを用いた伝送特性の改善(無線通信のための信号処理及び一般)

    尾崎 達也 , 岩井 誠人 , 笹岡 秀一

    MIMO伝送においてプリコーディングを用いる場合,送信側で伝搬路情報を必要とすることが一般的である.これに対して本稿では,送信側で伝搬路情報を未知とし,プリコーディングを時間的に変化させる方式を検討する.これに誤り訂正符号およびインターリーブを組み合わせることにより,プリコーディングを行わない場合に対して伝送特性を改善する方式を提案する.この提案方式の性能を計算機シミュレーションにより評価し,その …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. SIP, 信号処理 113(385), 47-51, 2014-01-16

  • Analysis of Raman spectroscopic change in rat myocardial infarction

    Harada Yoshinori , Muranishi Nanae , Minamikawa Takeo , Yamaoka Yoshihisa , Takamatsu Tetsuro

    … The latent variable weights calculated by partial least squares-discriminant analysis showed information on the spectral differences among the types of tissues based on molecules. …

    生体医工学 52(Supplement), O-125-O-125, 2014


  • Improvement of transmission performance by variable precoding in MIMO transmission

    Ozaki Tatsuya , Iwai Hisato , Sasaoka Hideichi

    … In this paper we consider a method where precoding weights are temporally varied. …

    IEICE Communications Express 3(5), 168-174, 2014


  • PWG: Progressive Weight-Growth Algorithm for LDPC Codes

    LI Xiangxue , ZHENG Qingji , QIAN Haifeng [他] , ZHENG Dong , CHEN Kefei

    … Given specified parameters, the number of check nodes, the expected girth and the variable node degrees, the Progressive Weight-Growth (PWG) algorithm is proposed to generate high rate low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. … Based on the theoretic foundation that is to investigate the girth impact by adding/removing variable nodes and edges of the Tanner graph, the PWG progressively increases column weights of the parity check matrix without violating the constraints defined by the given parameters. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E97.A(2), 685-689, 2014


  • 粘土鉱物の荷電特性を利用したトマトの水耕栽培

    小倉 裕司 , 竹迫 紘 , 中林 和重

    … For instance, fresh plant weights at the control plot (No. 1), crystalline clay (illite, kaolinite, vermiculite, and chlorite) plot (No. 2), and non-crystalline clay (allophane) plot (No. 3) were 672 g, 657 g, and 715 g, respectively. …

    Eco-Engineering 26(1), 11-17, 2014


  • High-Altitude Hypoxia and Echocardiographic Indices of Pulmonary Hypertension in Male and Female Chickens at Adulthood

    Salinas Carlos E. , Blanco Carlos E. , Villena Mercedes [他] , Giussani Dino A.

    … At 6 months of age, functional echocardiography was performed and the body and heart weights were taken. … In contrast, HA did not affect this variable in female chickens. …

    Circulation Journal 78(6), 1459-1464, 2014

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  • Low Complexity Weighted Reliability-Based Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes

    HUANG Zhiliang , CHEN Ming , DIAO Chunjuan , LI Jiamin

    … Unlike the NMS algorithm, the WRB algorithm does not update the soft information sent between the variable nodes and check nodes, which greatly reduces the decoding complexity. … For finite geometry LDPC codes with larger row redundancy and column weights, simulation results show that the WRB algorithm almost matches the error performance of the NMS algorithm. …

    IEICE transactions on communications 95(11), 3572-3575, 2012-11-01

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