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  • Changing the Currently Held Concept of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics Based on Shared Findings of Cerebrospinal Fluid Motion in the Cranial Cavity Using Various Types of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques

    MATSUMAE Mitsunori , KURODA Kagayaki , YATSUSHIRO Satoshi , HIRAYAMA Akihiro , HAYASHI Naokazu , TAKIZAWA Ken , ATSUMI Hideki , SORIMACHI Takatoshi

    … Today, a shared consensus regarding CSF motion is being formed, as follows: CSF motion is not a circulatory flow, but a combination of various directions of flow in the ventricles and subarachnoid space, and the acceleration of CSF motion differs depending on the CSF space. … Thus, we need new MRI techniques with high-velocity sensitivity, such as in the order of 10 μm/s, to determine water molecule movement in the vessel wall, paravascular space, and brain parenchyma. …

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica 59(4), 133-146, 2019


  • Consensus-based rendezvous control of double integrators via binary relative positions and velocity feedback

    Masubuchi Izumi , Sakaguchi Shohei

    … This article considers the consensus problem for a network of agents that have double integrator dynamics. … A protocol is proposed to achieve a consensus-based rendezvous of agents that depends only on the sign of the relative positions and the sign of the individual velocity. …

    IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information 35(4), 1371-1389, 2018-12-18


  • Flocking for Multirobots Without Distinguishing Robots and Obstacles

    Sakai Daito , Fukushima Hiroaki , Matsuno Fumitoshi

    … Thus, velocity information on neighboring robots is not required. …

    IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 25(3), 1019-1027, 2017-05-01


  • VELOCITY AND TRANSPORTATION ABILITY OF TRANSPORTING VULNERABLE PEOPLE DURING TSUNAMI EVACUATION DRILL IN A COMMUNITY:Outdoor evacuation with rollator, transport chair, wheelchair and cart in Sinyo Bokomi, Kobe, Japan  [in Japanese]

    OHTSU Nobuhito , HOKUGO Akihiko

    … They reached a consensus on reasonable number of supporter for a cart was 2 persons. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 82(734), 837-846, 2017


  • Finite-Time Consensus of Double-Integrator Multi-Agent Systems with Time-Varying Directed Topologies

    Wang Fang , Chen Xin , He Yong

    … <p>The finite-time consensus problem for double-integrator multi-agent systems (MASs) is studied using time-varying directed topologies. … In detail, a distributed finite-time control protocol is designed to achieve the weighted average consensus on the basis of both relative position and relative velocity measurements by utilizing a homogeneous control technique. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 20(2), 254-261, 2016


  • Is There an Increased Arterial Stiffness in Patients with Primary Sjögren's Syndrome?

    Sezis Demirci Meltem , Karabulut Gonca , Gungor Ozkan , Celtik Aygul , Ok Ercan , Kabasakal Yasemin

    … In this study, 75 female patients with pSS who fulfilled the American European Consensus Criteria for Sjögren's syndrome, were included. … Arterial stiffness was assessed by measurement of the carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (PWV).<br> …

    Internal Medicine 55(5), 455-459, 2016

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  • Consensus for Heterogeneous Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems with Jointly Connected Topology

    KIM Jae Man , CHOI Yoon Ho , PARK Jin Bae

    … This paper investigates the consensus problem of heterogeneous uncertain multi-agent systems with jointly connected topology, where the considered systems are composed of linear first-order, second-order dynamics and nonlinear Euler-Lagrange (EL) dynamics. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E99.A(1), 346-354, 2016


  • Hierarchical Decentralized Controller Synthesis for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems by LQR

    NGUYEN Dinh-Hoa , HARA Shinji

    … The effectiveness of the proposed design method is confirmed through an illustrative example and its application to a velocity consensus problem in vehicle platoons. …

    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 8(4), 295-302, 2015


  • A Control Algorithm for Multiple Mobile Robots without Distinguishing between Neighboring Robots and Obstacles  [in Japanese]

    SAKAI Daito , FUKUSHIMA Hiroaki , MATSUNO Fumitoshi

    … This algorithm does not use velocity information of other robots. … We also show that the proposed algorithm using such restricted information guarantees similar properties to the existing algorithms on cohesion, velocity matching and collision avoidance in the group. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 49(8), 787-794, 2013-08-31

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  • Cooperative Automatic Parking System Based on Consensus Control with Mutual Exclusion Mechanism  [in Japanese]

    NOTO Noriyasu , OKUDA Hiroyuki , TAZAKI Yuichi , SUZUKI Tatsuya , HAYAKAWA Soichiro , MITA Seiichi , KATAYAMA Masaaki , OBINATA Goro

    … A cooperative parking system based on consensus control and mutual exclusion mechanism is developed. … The system incorporates the idea of consensus control that has been actively studied in the field of multi-agent control in order to balance the amount of time required for parking. … The system is evaluated through large-scale simulations and field tests in which multiple personal electric vehicles share position and velocity information via wireless communication network. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 49(11), 986-993, 2013


  • Study on the Relation between Pore Fluid Behavior and Longitudinal Wave Dispersion  [in Japanese]

    NISHIYAMA Satoshi , SANO Osam , ITO Hisao , TAKAHASHI Manabu

    … Measurements show that the Biot's model alone does not adequately explain observed velocity dispersion. … So far, there has been no consensus on the role of a mechanism that adequately predicts the observed dispersion properties of real rocks. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 122(1), 170-191, 2013


  • 2A2-G07 Consensus Problem of Velocity in Multi-Agent System by Swarm Leading  [in Japanese]

    SUENAGA Keigo , NARUSE Keitaro

    This paper presents a solution to the problem of multiple robot navigation by an approach called Swarm Leading. We develop and analyze a method to form an effective network by introducing three kinds …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2010(0), _2A2-G07_1-_2A2-G07_2, 2010


  • Simultaneous Realistic Visualization Method of Density and Velocity of Smoke  [in Japanese]

    IMURA Masataka , YASUMURO Yoshihiro , MANABE Yoshitsugu , CHIHARA Kunihiro

    … To establish a social consensus for disaster prevention, understanding of possible disasters is required. … The proposed method realizes simultaneous visualization of both density and velocity of smoke by adding details to volume data based on systematic fluctuation reflecting time evolution of a velocity field. …

    Journal of the Visualization Society of Japan 26(2), 107-110, 2006-09-15

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  • Interactive Smoke Visualization for Disaster Measures in Large Confined Space

    Imura Masataka , Chihara Kunihiro

    トンネルや地下街に代表される大規模閉鎖空間における危機管理体制の確立のため、官民の協力によって多様な環境を想定した災害実験やシミュレーションが行われ、データが日々蓄積されている。大規模閉鎖空間の構築と運用のためには、専門家のみならず、意思決定権を持つ行政担当者や、実際に被害を受ける一般人も含めた広範な人々の災害に対する理解が必要不可欠である。本研究では、避難計画の立案や避難シミュレータの構築に際し …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers SCI05(0), 201-201, 2005


  • Palmar Stimulation for Antidromic Median Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Shinji , AKABOSHI Kazuto , TAKAHASHI Osamu , NAGATA Masaaki , CHINO Naoichi

    正中神経感覚神経伝導検査の手掌部刺激は, 刺激部位, 記録部位が統一されていない. 手掌の刺激部位を定め, 逆行性感覚神経伝導検査を施行した. 記録電極は中指掌側近位指節関節付近に設置した. 刺激電極は手掌部, 手関節部, 肘関節部に設置した. 立ち上がり潜時の平均は, 手掌部で1.14 msec, 手関節部で2.39 msec, 肘関節部で5.98 msecであった. 頂点潜時の平均は, 手掌部 …

    The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 42(5), 320-324, 2005


  • Consensus on Growth Hormone Treatment in Growth Hormone Deficient Children

    TANAKA Toshiaki , Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism National Center for Child Health and Development

    Clinical pediatric endocrinology = Clinical pediatric endocrinology 12, 23-32, 2003-12-01

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  • Quantitative Analysis of Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique Saccades Using a Search Coil  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Shin

    … Few studies have been on vertical and oblique saccades, and no general consensus has developed on the effect of movement on saccades. … The peak velocity of the horizontal component of oblique saccades decreased with the increase in the angle of the stimulus. … The peak velocity of vertical component of oblique saccades tended to be faster with the decrease in the angle of the stimulus.<br>We thus found significant differences in velocities of saccades in different directions. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 105(6), 741-750, 2002-06-20

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  References (32)

  • Guidelines for Ultrasonic Assessment of Carotid Artery Disease: Preliminary Report

    HANDA Nobuo

    … This report is to certify the consensus in Japan for evaluating carotid atherosclerosis by ultrasonography.<BR>The ultrasonic device employed needs to have a linear array transducer of over 5 MHz and/or similar ultrasonic ability. … A Doppler subunit is a useful optional tool for evaluating blood flow velocity, which is an important parameter for assessing severe vascular lesions. …

    Neurosonology 15(1), 20-33, 2002

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  Cited by (30)

  • (2-10) Towards Evaluation of Turbulent Flame Speed((SI-4)S. I. Engine Combustion 4-Flame Propagation)

    Lipatnikov Andrei N. , Chomiak Jerzy

    … Although a submodel of turbulent flame speed, S_t, is at the core of this approach, a consensus has not been reached on this issue. … Third, the speed of a statistically spherical flame differs from the speed of the planar one, other things being equal, due to (1) the mean flame curvature effects, and (2) the reduction in the maximum gas flow velocity induced by hot combustion product expansion, due to a wide flame thickness. …

    The Proceedings of the International symposium on diagnostics and modeling of combustion in internal combustion engines 01.204(0), 31, 2001


  • Earthquake Damage Prediction of Buildings and Future Direction for Damage Reduction  [in Japanese]

    KAWASE Hiroshi

    … It is found that the most important feature of the near-fault motion is the ocurrence of high-amplitude velocity pulses with a peak ground velocity more than 100 cm/sec and a peak ground acceleration more than 800 cm/sec<SUP>2</SUP>. …

    Journal of geography 110(6), 885-899, 2001

    J-STAGE  References (18) Cited by (1)

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