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  • Surviving with pets in a shrinking disaster-stricken community : The case of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake  [in Japanese]

    加藤 謙介 , Kato Kensuke , カトウ ケンスケ

    … On this basis, the shrinking of community triggered by disasters or bereavement on the death of family members was examined based on long-term participant observation, along with the ideal approach for relationship-building to support the sense of dignity of people living in these communities. … The discussion is based on the process of formation of "communities of disaster victims and pets" in areas affected due to the 2016 Kumamoto ear thquakes and on "narratives of loss" told by elderly women bereaved of pets. …

    災害と共生 4(1), 49-65, 2020-09

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    TOMIYASU Ryosuke , IWASA Akihiko

    … As a result of the interviews with government workers and leaders of inhabitants, it became clear that the disaster victims could continue to live autonomously in neighboring community centers, which were used as a shelter, and they could move into the temporary housing located within 750 meters of their own home. …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design (63), 631-636, 2020-06


  • Community Renovation and Inclusion : A case study of the revival of a disaster-stricken community through the interaction of "weak voices"  [in Japanese]

    石塚 裕子 , Ishizuka Yuko , イシヅカ ユウコ

    … Research ArticleIn this paper I consider community renovation and inclusion through a case study of Mabi-town, Kurashiki city, which was affected by a flood disaster in 2018. … While listening to each other's voices, despite their differences, a sense of solidarity can be formed in a disaster area irrespective of whether they are people with disabilities or not, or disaster victims or not, etc. …

    未来共創 (7), 83-98, 2020-03-31

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  • Research on Community Formation after the Great East Japan Earthquake Consideration on Community Challenges in Life Issues including Public Renaissance Collective Housings especially with Newspaper Articles Analysis  [in Japanese]

    下山田 鮎美 , 中江 秀幸 , 相馬 正之 , 稲垣 成昭 , 萩野 寛雄

    … The aim of our research is to obtain suggestions on community challenges in life issues and on community formation based on these challenges. … We summarized them into two contexts: ones about victims' challenges in life issues under the renaissance and community formation. … We understood that renaissance and community formation has progressed under mutual influence. …

    感性福祉研究所年報 = Report of Kansei Fukushi Research Institute (21), 39-52, 2020-03


  • Applications and Problems of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Forensic and Criminal Areas and Addiction Problems  [in Japanese]

    Nomura Kazutaka , Shimada Hironori , Kamimura Eiichi

    … The results of this study suggest that further research is needed in order to clarify and evaluate the differences in process variables, group work development methods, treating resistance and denial, cognitive intervention, intervention based on respondent conditioning, and cooperation with community-based and institutional treatment. …

    Japanese Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 46(2), 121-131, 2020

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  • Visualizing the Process of Disaster Mental Health Services in the Joso Flood by Network Analyses of Emails

    Shiratori Yuki , Tachikawa Hirokazu , Nemoto Kiyotaka , Ide Masayuki , Sodeyama Noriko , Tamura Masashi , Takahashi Sho , Hori Takafumi , Arai Tetsuaki

    … In post-disaster settings, DMHS involving organizational interventions by multiple regional institutions are required to support disaster victims. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 252(2), 121-131, 2020


  • Anthropinistic Issues, Life Wellness and Recovery One Decade after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami  [in Japanese]

    Day Stacey B. , Sugita Mineyasu

    … <p>The paper reviews, a decade after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, anthoponotic issues-looking at things in their relationship to the human person-life wellness, rehabilitation, recovery, of those who suffered as "<i>victims</i>" of the event. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 60(5), 437-450, 2020


  • Relationship of Trust in Actors Related to Criminal Justice with Attitudes Toward Criminal Justice  [in Japanese]

    MUKAI Tomoya , FUJINO Kyoko

    … and (3) while attitudes toward criminal justice were related to trust in researchers, victims, prison officers, politicians, community members, and judges, they were not related to trust in policemen and prison officers The implications of these findings have been discussed.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Psychology 45(3), 219-229, 2020


  • Design and Progress of Oral Health Examinations in the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project

    Tsuboi Akito , Koyama Shihoko , Sugawara Junichi , Kodama Eiichi N. , Metoki Hirohito , Hozawa Atsushi , Kuriyama Shinichi , Tomita Hiroaki , Kikuya Masahiro , Minegishi Naoko , Suzuki Kichiya , Matsui Hiroyuki , Koshiba Seizo , Tamiya Gen , Fuse Nobuo , Aoki Yuichi , Takai-Igarashi Takako , Ogishima Soichi , Nakamura Tomohiro , Sakurai-Yageta Mika , Nagami Fuji , Kinoshita Kengo , Shiraishi Naru , Kure Shigeo , Shimizu Ritsuko , Sasaki Keiichi , Yamamoto Masayuki , Murakami Takahisa , Otsuki Akihito , Kawashima Junko , Kiyama Tomomi , Tamahara Toru , Goto Maki

    … <p>In order to assess the long-term impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the oral health of disaster victims and to evaluate gene-environmental interactions in the development of major oral diseases and oral-systemic associations, the oral part of two large-scale genome cohort studies by the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo), including the Community-based cohort (CommCohort) study and the Birth and Three-Generation cohort (BirThree) study, have been conducted. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 251(2), 97-115, 2020


  • Criminal Trials for Medical Malpractice in Japan:Sentence of Imprisonment  [in Japanese]

    SAKUMA Masakazu , EHARA Kazumasa , KIUCHI Atsuko

    … These cases of imprisonment without probation were examined, revealing five factors that were concurrent with the malpractice and might have influenced judicial decisions:(1)concealment of information, (2)plural victims, (3)questionable immediate response to the malpractice, (4)questionable dealing with victims and their families, and(5)criminal intent. …


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  • Study Profile of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Community-Based Cohort Study

    Hozawa Atsushi , Sasaki Ryohei , Takanashi Nobuyuki , Otsuka Kotaro , Sakata Kiyomi , Kuriyama Shinichi , Kikuya Masahiro , Tanabe Osamu , Sugawara Junichi , Suzuki Kichiya , Suzuki Yoichi , Tanno Kozo , Kodama Eiichi N , Fuse Nobuo , Kiyomoto Hideyasu , Tomita Hiroaki , Uruno Akira , Hamanaka Yohei , Metoki Hirohito , Ishikuro Mami , Obara Taku , Kobayashi Tomoko , Nakaya Naoki , Kitatani Kazuyuki , Takai-Igarashi Takako , Ogishima Soichi , Satoh Mamoru , Ohmomo Hideki , Tsuboi Akito , Egawa Shinichi , Ishii Tadashi , Ito Kiyoshi , Ito Sadayoshi , Nakamura Tomohiro , Taki Yasuyuki , Minegishi Naoko , Ishii Naoto , Nagasaki Masao , Igarashi Kazuhiko , Koshiba Seizo , Shimizu Ritsuko , Tamiya Gen , Nakayama Keiko , Motohashi Hozumi , Tsuchiya Naho , Yasuda Jun , Shimizu Atsushi , Hachiya Tsuyoshi , Shiwa Yuh , Tominaga Teiji , Tanaka Hiroshi , Oyama Kotaro , Tanaka Ryoichi , Kawame Hiroshi , Fukushima Akimune , Hirata Takumi , Ishigaki Yasushi , Tokutomi Tomoharu , Osumi Noriko , Kobayashi Tadao , Nagami Fuji , Hashizume Hiroaki , Arai Tomohiko , Kawaguchi Yoshio , Higuchi Shinichi , Sakaida Masaki , Narita Akira , Endo Ryujin , Nishizuka Satoshi , Tsuji Ichiro , Hitomi Jiro , Nakamura Motoyuki , Ogasawara Kuniaki , Yaegashi Nobuo , Kinoshita Kengo , Kure Shigeo , Sakai Akio , Kogure Mana , Kobayashi Seiichiro , Sobue Kenji , Sasaki Makoto , Yamamoto Masayuki , Nochioka Kotaro

    … We established a community-based cohort study to assess the long-term impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on disaster victims and gene-environment interactions on the incidence of major diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> …

    Journal of Epidemiology, 2020


  • A Study on the Provision of Logistical Support to Care Managers Dealing with Cases of Elderly Abuse : Social Worker Awareness at Community Comprehensive Support Centers  [in Japanese]

    塩田 祥子 , 谷口 雄哉 , Shoko Shiota , Yuya Taniguchi , シオタ ショウコ , タニグチ ユウヤ

    … Although more than half of nursing-care recipients, who are victims of elderly abuse, have primary nursing-care-requirement authorization, the number of cases of care managers consulting with and contacting regional comprehensive support centers is insufficient. … Additionally, interviews with care managers indicated that community comprehensive support centers take a rather "passive" approach to the abuse of the elderly. …

    評論・社会科学 = Social science review (129), 29-43, 2019-05

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  • Kizuna : Instrument of Inclusion/Exclusion  [in Japanese]

    原岡 蓉子 , 圓岡 偉男 , Haraoka Hideo Tsuburaoka Yoko , 東京情報大学大学院総合情報学研究科 , Graduate School of Informatics Tokyo University of Information Sciences

    … Day after day, the press reported the disaster, and all the people throughout Japan "actively" and/or " passively" sympathized with the victims in their suffering. … In a certain community, this "bond", Kizuna could paradoxically serve also as a motive to exclude those who did not engage in the network. …

    東京情報大学研究論集 = Journal of Tokyo University of Information Sciences 22(2), 55-66, 2019-03


  • An Introduction to and a Preliminary Review of the Proceedings of the Israeli Cabinet Meetings at the Time of the Establishment of the State of Israel( 5), Part I : Domestic Politics and Diplomacy on the Eve of Bernadotte's Peace Suggestions and the Debates over the Altalena Affair in The Proceedings of the Provisional Government Meetings Vols.3-4(20 June to 27 June 1948)  [in Japanese]

    森 まり子

    … Secondly, the present proceedings bring into sharp relief the underlying factors of the Israeli government's rejection of Bernadotte's Suggestions: its strong distrust against Transjordan and its military supporter, Britain( whose officers had continued to shell Jews in Jerusalem until the beginning of the truce) and its fresh memories of heavy Jewish bloodshed and numerous victims in the battles around Jerusalem. …

    東洋文化研究所紀要 = The memoirs of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (174), 33-124, 2019-02-28

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  • Seven Decisions on Class Action Lawsuits by Nuclear Accident Victims and Damage Caused by "Loss of Hometown"  [in Japanese]

    除本 理史

    … Even if local administration functions are restored and populations flow back into local areas to engage in work such as decommissioning or decontaminating the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the community will not be restored to what it was prior to the accident if local residents are replaced. … The damage caused by "loss of hometown" is extremely serious, and therefore, is a crucial point at issue in class action lawsuits filed by nuclear accident victims in regions all over Japan. …

    経営研究 = The business review 69(3・4), 17-32, 2019-02

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  • Functioning of Free Rider for Community Resilience: A Social Capital Theory of Disaster

    Misumi Kazuto

    … At first, by focusing on conditions for autonomous (successful in a sense) shelter management, we find four social capital elements and discuss importance of their combined effects to strengthen community resilience. … The elements include volunteer among victims who are ordinary free riding on community management. … Why free riders cooperate in emergency, in other words, why 'disaster community' appears? …

    地球社会統合科学 25(1), 1-9, 2019-01-29


  • Problem Resolution concerning Juvenile Sexual Behavior in Indonesia: A Case Study of Child Offenders who Violate the Child Protection Act  [in Japanese]

    JINNAI Yoko

    … Especially among these, important reforms regarding child offenders have been achieved under the Juvenile Justice System Act (Law No.11/2012), which introduced a "Diversion" policy aimed to direct children away from judicial proceedings and towards community-based solutions. …

    Comparative Education 2019(58), 3-25, 2019


  • Changes of the Concept and Theory of Stigma in HIV/AIDS Research and Current Issues in Japan  [in Japanese]

    OSHIMA Gaku

    … However, in Japan where the medical system is already well developed, stigma remains at a high level and another approach is necessary.<br>In the sociology of health and illness, there are a large number of theorists who present the social movements associated with HIV as an example of "life politics." The movement to support the victims of HIV in the litigation over infection from tainted blood is a representative example of this in Japan. …

    The Journal of Studies in Contemporary Sociological Theory 13(0), 96-110, 2019


  • Disaster Preparedness for Emergencies Associated with Earthquakes from the Perspective of Visiting Nurses: A Comparison among the Nankai Trough, Disaster-affected, and Overall Areas  [in Japanese]

    Masuda Ikuko

    … In a questionnaire survey involving 203 visiting nurses, all 3 areas showed high rates of 〈establishing leadership and role allocation systems〉 and 〈determining methods to manage medical devices〉, and low rates of 〈developing measures to support victims in shelters〉 and 〈adopting evacuation support approaches〉. …

    The Journal of Japan Academy of Health Sciences 21(4), 192-200, 2019


  • Overview of the returning to work after stroke  [in Japanese]

    Saeki Satoru , Hachisuka Akiko , Itoh Hideaki , Kato Noriaki , Ochi Mitsuhiro , Matsushima Yasuyuki

    … Thus, the proportion of stroke victims who have been able to return to work has remained static at 40% for the past 20 years. … Close cooperation among the medical community, the social welfare system and the workplace of the companies are necessary.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Stroke 41(5), 411-416, 2019


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