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  • A Study on Autonomous Work by Multi-Legged Crawler Robot with Deep Learning and Visual Attention  [in Japanese]

    藤田 豊己 , 相見 伸篤 , 安田 裕一

    EOS = EOS 33(1), 1-4, 2021-02-26


  • A Study on Autonomous Work by Multi-Legged Crawler Robot with Deep Learning and Visual Attention  [in Japanese]

    藤田 豊己 , 相見 伸篤 , 安田 裕一

    Eos : 地域連携センター・研究支援センター紀要 33(1), 1-4, 2021-02

  • THE MODERNITY OF THE KATSURA IMPERIAL VILLA:A global history of its myth-making  [in Japanese]

    EMOTO Hiroshi

    … earliest attention (1921/22) to a Japanese house being "full of inspiration for European architects," and Bruno Taut's reference in his <i>Die Neue Wohnung</i> … in 1924.</p><p> As those attempts were almost autonomous within the German-reading continent without sufficient reach to visual materials, ensuing interaction with the Japanese architectural world from the latter half of the 1920s greatly enhanced their knowledge production. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(781), 1115-1122, 2021


  • PERCEPTION OF RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN DESIGN OBJECTS BASED ON THE EXPERIENCE IN MR SPACE:A Study on VR as a dialogical tool supporting the creative process in architectural design Part 2  [in Japanese]

    ISHIDA Kohei , CHIBA Manabu , TANAKA Yoshiyuki , SAKATANI Suisho

    … <p> Mixed Reality (MR), which has been attracting attention in recent years, is a technology that allows digital information to be superimposed on real space. … The possible effects of experience the complex relationship between real space elements and design proposals in MR space on changing perceptions of the design subject are discussed.</p><p> In this study, we organized the existing theories of VR and MR space, and some cases where visual information in MR space has influenced the design are considered. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(781), 815-825, 2021


  • Increase in masseter muscle activity by newly fabricated complete dentures improved brain function

    Nakasato Ayaka , Kobayashi Takuya , Kubota Masafumi , Yamashita Fumio , Nakaya Takaharu , Sasaki Makoto , Kihara Hidemichi , Kondo Hisatomo

    … Consequently, it is possible that the improvement of the masseter muscle activity might influ ence on the attention, verbal skills, and visual memory. …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • The mice with exonic <i>Reln</i> deletion show cognitive dysfunction but not attention impairment in the touchscreen operant tasks  [in Japanese]

    Dong Geyao , Nagai Taku , Liao Jingzhu , Mori Daisuke , Wolar Bolati , Nabeshima Toshitaka , Ozaki Norio , Yamada Kiyofumi

    … for rodents to provide a better translational approach across species for further understanding of the cognition and attentionimpairment observed in various neuropsychiatric disorders. In the present study, we aimed to explore the performance of <i>RELN </i>deletion mice (<i>Reln</i>-del), using touchscreen-based visual discrimination (VD) and 5-choice serial reaction time (5-CSRT) tasks. Mice were initially trained to discriminate stimuli simultaneously displayed on the screen and received a liquid …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 3-Y-F1-3, 2021


  • Survey of Problems in School Life in People with Bilateral Hearing Loss  [in Japanese]

    Kataoka Yuko , Sugaya Akiko , Nakagawa Atsuko , Tanaka Satomi , Toida Naomi , Fukushima Kunihiro , Maeda Yukihide , Kariya Shin

    <p>要旨: 先天性難聴の早期発見,早期療育, 人工内耳手術の低年齢化などに伴い, 難聴児の聴取能, 言語発達は向上し, 近年地域の学校でインクルーシブ教育を受ける者が増加しているが, それに伴う問題も挙げられている。我々は, 小学校5年生以上25歳未満のインクルーシブ教育を受けた経験のある両側難聴者89名に, 学校生活で抱える問題に関して質問紙での実態把握調査を実施した。</p …

    AUDIOLOGY JAPAN 64(1), 87-95, 2021


  • The effect of the odor on visual attention in multi-sensory perception  [in Japanese]

    Yamazaki Yoshizumi , Yamaguchi Masami

    <p>近年の視覚-嗅覚の多感覚知覚研究は嗅覚情報が対応する視覚オブジェクトのボトムアップ処理に影響を及ぼすことを主張してきた。しかし古典研究において匂いは曖昧な知覚表象であるとされ,嗅覚情報が視覚から一方的に利得を受け取る関係しか存在しないのではないかとされてきた。以上のことから視覚情報処理,とりわけ注意において嗅覚情報が視覚処理に与える影響については不明な点が多く残る。本研究では予備 …

    Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology 2020(0), 68-68, 2021


  • The attention allocation characteristics as a psychological factor of falling cases of the elderly Clarification  [in Japanese]

    Hayashida Shuhei , Imaruoka Toshihide

    … 今回の実験では、ルームランナーで若年者と高齢者を歩行させながら身体の正面と斜め下方向の2か所にディスプレイを配置し、attentional visual field taskを行った。 …

    Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology 2020(0), 32-32, 2021


  • How do conversational participants refer to an occluded object with pointing gesture? Sharing of spatial layout to establish joint attention  [in Japanese]

    Kadota Keisuke , Yamamoto Atsushi , Makino Ryosaku , Furuyama Nobuhiro

    … Hindmarsh and Heath (2000) has proposed that participants employ the <i>principle of recipient design of visual reference</i>, wherein they design a visual reference as to provide recipients with <i>clearer views of the relevant objects and scenes</i>. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 28(1), 84-107, 2021


  • Proposal of interface to recognize depth error to arbitrary points while constantly observing 2-D image consisting only of information from robotic perspective and practical issues  [in Japanese]

    KAWAMURA Takumi

    … <p>In this paper, "the stereo matching interface" as a new visual recognition interface for remote operations is proposed. … The feature of this interface is that one of the images is edged by image processing to improve visibility, and it uses the human mechanism of selective attention. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2021


  • Trial Report of Localization for Visual Based Tracking System in Asteroid Flyby

    Hashizume Koya , Miyata Kikuko , Hara Susumu

    … <p>Flyby imaging has attracted attention as a method of small body exploration. … The visual-based tracking system has been widely used to obtain high-quality images. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 10(2), 200-201, 2021


  • Blink Detection Method for Obstruction Warning Signals  [in Japanese]

    Mukojima Hiroki , Nagamine Nozomi , Nomura Takuya

    … In this signal, a bright red flash is emitted, which notifies the driver via visual confirmation. … However, the warning system primarily depends on the attention of the driver, and this leads to a risk of oversights and accidents. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 141(3), 212-222, 2021


  • Self-Channel Attention Weighted Part for Person Re-Identification

    DU Lin , TIAN Chang , ZENG Mingyong , WANG Jiabao , JIAO Shanshan , SHEN Qing , BAI Wei , LU Aihong

    … Existing models usually use fixed horizontal stripes or rely on human keypoints to get each part, which is not consistent with the human visual mechanism. … In this paper, we propose a Self-Channel Attention Weighted Part model (SCAWP) for Re-ID. … Then, we learn the weight map of attention within each channel and multiply it with the feature map to get each part. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E104.A(3), 665-670, 2021


  • RESEARCH ON THE POSITIONING OF LANDSCAPE IN THE FILM PRODUCTION PROCESS:-Discourse analysis on film director Wim Wenders with M-GTA-  [in Japanese]

    NARIHARA Takanori , KANKI Kiyoko

    … The landscape existed at the moment of the shooting is captured in the film, and the artist's conceptual perception of the landscape is depicted in the background.</p><p> However, as a result of viewers relying on the objective information of the film, evaluation aiming at visual similarity has occurred. … Therefore, I paid attention to the possibility of reading the thoughts and methodology to percept behind the production from the interviews and writings. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(780), 525-534, 2021


  • Method for subtly directing user's gaze toward information breaking into ongoing activity  [in Japanese]

    Saijo Ryohei , Sato Tae , Eitoku Shin-ichiro , Watanabe Masahiro

    … Thus, we propose an information display method that uses visual attention guidance, in which the area of a small circle changes in brightness within the user's peripheral vision. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 23(1), 51-64, 2021


  • Basic Analysis of Perception of Walkable Space Components and Evaluation of Street Planning Based on Visual Information  [in Japanese]

    TODOROKI Naoki , YANAGISAWA Yoshiyasu , IWASAKI Shinya , NISHIKAWA Yoshio , TAKAYAMA Junichi

    <p>長野市中心市街地では、域内の活性化策のひとつとして、歩行者の回遊性向上を目的とした歩行者優先道路化事業が行われている。今後本事業をより広範囲に展開していくためにはより効率的かつ効果的な整備を目指す必要がある。そこで本研究では、人の知覚情報のうち視覚からの情報が 83 パーセントであることに着目し、歩行空間構成要素に対する着目度や、奥行きを表す着目距離などの視覚情報と街路評価の関係 …

    JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering 7(2), A_336-A_345, 2021


  • An Analysis of Effect of Lateral Viewing on Visual Perception of Road Space  [in Japanese]

    SHIRAYANAGI Hirotoshi , HAYASHI Shingo , KURAUCHI Shinya , YOSHII Toshio

    <p>視線を向けた方向と頭部を向けた方向(以下,両方向がなす角を"眼球角")に差が生じる場合,あるいは眼球角が時間的に変化する場合には,視覚的な注意資源を分割及び調整することにより,空間認知に要する時間が長くなるとされている.そこで本研究では,眼球角度及び眼球角度の時間変化が道路空間認知に要する時間に影響を与えるとの仮説を措定し,室内実験により同仮説を検証する.具体的には,道路横断時の …

    JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering 7(2), A_119-A_125, 2021


  • Is aesthetic evolution possible in birds?:—conceptual considerations

    YANG Canchao

    … Females are thought to choose males based on direct benefits or because they have perceivably good genes based on visual indicators of male quality, involving adaptive qualities acted on by natural selection in the current environment. … Accordingly, it has garnered widespread attention and evoked controversial debate. …

    ORNITHOLOGICAL SCIENCE 20(1), 101-107, 2021


  • Brain Activity Measurement during Gaze Cognitive Tasks–To Elucidate the Pathology of Autism Spectrum Disorders–  [in Japanese]

    MURAMATSU Yuki , 杉本 篤言 , 吉永 清宏 , 林 剛丞 , 江川 純 , 飯島 淳彦 , 染矢 俊幸

    【目的】自閉スペクトラム症の視線認知における脳内基盤解明を目指し,定型発達の視線認知活動を捉えることを目的とした.【対象と方法】定型発達3名を対象として視線認知課題中の脳活動を脳磁図(MEG)で記録した.課題では,研究対象者に「手がかり刺激が示す方向に従い,左右どちらかに呈示される標的刺激へ視線を移動する」よう教示した.手がかり刺激には,側方視した両眼の写真(Gaze条件)と矢印図形(Arrow条 …

    Psychiatria et neurologia paediatrica japonica 60(4), 299-307, 2021


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