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  • 鋼構造2層純骨組小模型の振動台実験の地震波加振レベルの違いによる応答比較  [in Japanese]

    木曽 翔太 , 岩井 哲

    … In order to investigate the safety on response level of steel structures under dynamic excitation as an earthquake, simple one-story and two-story steel pure-frame structure models were tested using a shaking table controlled by acceleration input of seismic wave. … It is found that the predominant period in the velocity spectrum property of the input seismic wave is influenced with the acceleration level where the deformation response of the model got into plastic range. …

    広島工業大学紀要. 研究編 (42), 207-213, 39479-00-00


  • Simulation of rotating sound field excited by flexural vibration rings  [in Japanese]

    里信 純 , 高橋 周平

    … To produce the traveling wave in the ring as the sound source, two standing wavesexcited both spatially and temporally orthogonal to each other should be superimposed in the ringusing two or more transducers. … However, excitation of the ideal distribution of the standing wavewith multiple transducers, identical to the natural vibration mode of the ring, is difficult. …

    広島工業大学紀要. 研究編 (54), 101-105, 2020-02



    TOMITA Ryuta , GOTO Yuta , ADACHI Dai

    … In another already reported, it was reported that, even in the case of a wooden floor, which has an impedance level far smaller than that of a concrete slab, it is possible to measure the vibration of the floor structure under the carpet with high precision using the method proposed in that study.</p><p> In the present work, a similar experimental study using vibration control rubber as a method of preventing mounted vibration by outputting the sine wave of the frequency to be measured from the exciter is reported. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(769), 205-213, 2020


  • An Essential Cause of Stall Stagnations in Compressor Surges

    Yamaguchi Nobuyuki

    … The author has proposed in the preceding study on the behaviors of infinitesimal perturbations of surge in simplified compressor systems that the occurrences of stagnations could be closely related with the travelling wave conditions of the surge oscillations through the phase-differences and the propagations along the flowpaths. … It means that the stagnations occur for the total number of the excitation cycles less than 1.5-3. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 13(1), 266-280, 2020


  • Identification of error factor between actual structure and finite element model through transient response  [in Japanese]

    FURUYA Kohei , ARATANI Takumi , YOSHIMURA Takuya , MATSUMURA Yuichi

    … This is because FRF is calculated from time history, which includes the reflection wave of the entire system. … When a particular component is excited, its vibration propagates as a wave that moves toward the entire system. … The driving point transient response is measured immediately after excitation and is restricted to the excited component only. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(883), 19-00369-19-00369, 2020


  • Sidelobe Suppression in both the E and H planes using Slit Layers over a Corporate-feed Waveguide Slot Array Antenna consisting of 2×2-element Radiating Units

    Arakawa Haruka , Tomura Takashi , Hirokawa Jiro

    … <p>The sidelobe level at tilts around 30-40 degrees in both the E and H planes due to a tapered excitation of units of 2×2 radiation slots is suppressed by introducing slit layers over a corporate-feed waveguide slot array antenna. … The slit layers act as averaging the excitation of the adjacent radiating slots for sidelobe suppression in both planes. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2020


  • Characteristics and sources of gravity waves in the summer stratosphere based on long-term and high-resolution radiosonde observations

    Okui Haruka , Sato Kaoru

    Wave generation by shear instability in summer was a particular focus because orographic GWs cannot propagate deep into the middle atmosphere through their critical layer in the lower stratosphere. … These findings strongly suggest the possibility of excitation of summer stratospheric GWs by shear instability above the jet. …

    SOLA, 2020


  • Micromagnetic Simulation of Voltage-Induced Spin Wave Resonance Properties in Ferromagnetic Nanowires with Perpendicular Anisotropy

    Ya X. , Imai R. , Tanaka T. , Matsuyama K.

    … <p>  A fundamental issue in developing spin wave (SW) devices with ultralow power consumption is exploring energy-efficient excitation with nanoscale spatial resolution. … We numerically studied the voltage-induced excitation of a geometrically confined standing spin wave (SSW), which is suitable for the downsizing of various SW devices. …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 44(2), 40-44, 2020


  • Transmission Enhancement in Rectangular-Coordinate Orthogonal Multiplexing by Excitation Optimization of Slot Arrays for a Given Distance in the Non-Far Region Communication

    OHASHI Ryotaro , TOMURA Takashi , HIROKAWA Jiro

    … <p>This paper presents the excitation coefficient optimization of slot array antennas for increasing channel capacity in 2×2-mode two-dimensional ROM (rectangular coordinate orthogonal) transmission. … At first, we design the excitation coefficients of the slot arrays in order to enhance the transmission rate for a given transmission distance. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E103.B(2), 130-138, 2020


  • An evaluation of wave excitation forces on a semi-submersible floater for offshore wind turbines using VOF method  [in Japanese]

    福王 翔 , 佐藤 勝 , 根岸 俊輔 , 佐々木 隆 , 吉見 顕一郎 , 岩永 則城

    風力エネルギー利用シンポジウム 41, 12-15, 2019-12

  • A Study on Rotor Structure of a Half-Wave Rectified Variable Field Flux Motor with Permanent Magnets  [in Japanese]

    石井 佑汰 , 横井 裕一 , 樋口 剛

    電気学会研究会資料. RM 2019(112・114-132), 101-104, 2019-10-16

  • Fabrication of coplanar waveguide for a highly efficient excitation of spin waves(2)  [in Japanese]

    岩本 文吾 , 後藤 太一 , 中村 雄一 , 内田 裕久 , 井上 光輝

    電気学会研究会資料. MAG = The papers of technical meeting on magnetics, IEE Japan 2019(67-78), 37-40, 2019-08-01

  • Enhanced photo-sensitivity in a Si photodetector using a near-field assisted excitation

    矢花 一浩 , T. Yatsui , S. Okada , T. Takemori , T. Sato , K. Saichi , T. Ogamoto , S. Chiashi , S. Maruyama , M. Noda , Kazuhiro YABANA , K. Iida , K. Nobusada

    … therefore, its excitation efficiency, which requires phonon assistance, is low under propagating far-field light. … To improve the excitation efficiency, herein we performed optical near-field excitation, which is confined in a nano-scale, where the interband transitions between different wave numbers are excited according to the uncertainty principle; …

    Communications Physics (2), 62, 2019-06


  • Pressure-induced quantum critical point in the heavily hydrogen-doped iron-based superconductor LaFeAsO

    Takeuchi Masayoshi , Fujiwara Naoki , Kuwayama Takanori , Nakagawa Satoshi , Iimura Soshi , Matsuishi Satoru , Yamakawa Youichi , Kontani Hiroshi , Hosono Hideo

    … At pressures up to 2 GPa, the ground state is a spin-density-wave state with a large gap; … Interestingly, the gapped excitation coexists with gapless magnetic fluctuations at pressures between 2 and 4 GPa. …

    Physical Review B 99(17), 2019-05-01


  • Length and alignment control of coupled cavity for gravitational wave detection  [in Japanese]

    蔭井 飛大

    … gravitational wave detectors are based on a Michelson interferometer with Fabry-Perot cavities in its arms and recycling part to have longer optical path length and recycling gain respectively.The position and alignment of each mirrors can be easily disturbed with external excitation, therefore, each optical components have to be controlled appropriately around the operational points.However, it is known that "signal degeneration" occur when extracting mirror's alignment signals for laser interferometer with conventional …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (60), 1-5, 2019-03-31

    IR  DOI 

  • Excitation fluence dependence of spin-wave dynamics and intrinsic Gilbert damping in epitaxial Co2FeAl film

    Li Shufa , Cheng Chuyuan , Meng Kangkang , Chen Chunlei

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58(4), 040903-040903, 2019-03-27


  • HAMS: A frequency-domain preprocessor for wave-structure interactions-Theory, development, and application

    Liu Yingyi

    … This paper presents the theoretical background, the numerical implementation, and the applications of a new software that has been developed in recent years for the analysis of wave-structure interactions. … The software is developed in the frequency domain, as a preprocessor of computing the wave excitation force, the added mass, and the wave radiation damping, for the input to a time-domain solver via the Fourier cosine and sine transforms. …

    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 7(81), 1-19, 2019-03-26


  • Broadband THz absorption spectrometer based on excitonic nonlinear optical effects

    Majeed Avan , Ivanov Pavlo , Stevens Benjamin , Clarke Edmund , Butler Iain , Childs David , Kojima Osamu , Hogg Richard

    … A broadly tunable THz source is realized via difference frequency generation, in which an enhancement to χ(3) that is obtained via resonant excitation of III-V semiconductor quantum well excitons is utilized. … Phase matching is realized laterally through normal incidence excitation. …

    Light: science & Applications (8), 29, 2019-03-13


  • A Full Wave Simulation on the Density Dependence of a Slow Wave Excitation in the GAMMA 10/PDX Central Cell with TASK/WF3D

    平田 真史 , 小波藏 純子 , 吉川 正志 , 坂本 瑞樹 , 中嶋 洋輔 , Ryuya IKEZOE , Yushi KUBOTA , Makoto ICHIMURA , Mafumi HIRATA , Shuhei SUMIDA , Seowon JANG , Koki IZUMI , Atsuto TANAKA , Ryo SEKINE , Hiroki KAYANO , Yoriko SHIMA , Junko KOHAGURA , Masayuki YOSHIKAWA , Mizuki SAKAMOTO , Yousuke NAKASHIMA , Atsushi FUKUYAMA

    … Beach heating using a slow Alfvén wave in ion cyclotron range of frequencies would be the first candidate for ion heating in a DEMO-relevant divertor testing linear plasma device if it is applicable to a high-density regime. … To clarify its availability, the density dependence of a slow wave excitation is investigated using a full wave simulation with TASK/WF3D code in the GAMMA 10/PDX central cell configuration, where there is an extensive track record of a beach heating. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (14), 2402003, 2019-01


  • Reciprocity in Acoustic-Structure Interactive Vibration  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Shiro

    … Whereas, in the field of acoustic vibration, the reciplocity can be also found between the sound pressure change due to the structural excitation, and structural vibration due to the sound pressure change. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 273, 2019


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