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  • A necessary and sufficient constraint qualification for DC programming problems with convex inequality constraints

    Saeki Yusuke , Suzuki Satoshi , Kuroiwa Daishi

    … The purpose of the paper is to consider a necessary and sufficient constraintqualification for local optimality conditions in DC programming problems withconvex inequality constraints. … Also, we consider necessary and sufficient constraintqualifications for local optimality conditions in fractional programming problems andweakly convex programming problems. …

    Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae 74(1), 49-54, 2011


  • Enumeration of Possibly Optimal Extreme Points in Linear Programming Problems with Single Objective Function Coefficient Vectors in Convex Polytopes  [in Japanese]

    INUIGUCHI Masahiro , HIGASHITANI Hidetaka , TANINO Tetsuzo

    本研究では, 目的関数の係数ベクトルが凸多面体に制限された線形計画問題が取り扱われる.この問題では, 従来の区間係数をもった線形計画問題では取り扱えなかった不明確な係数間の相互関係(従属性)を取り扱うことができる.目的関数の係数が不明確な線形計画問題に対して, 可能的最適解と必然的最適解が定義できる.必然的最適解は最も合理的な解である反面, 存在しない場合が多い.一方, 可能的最適解は最低限の合理 …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems 12(1), 169-175, 2000

    J-STAGE  References (7) Cited by (4)

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