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  • Effect of processing based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs on memory : A study on effects of self-choice type

    TOYOTA Hiroshi

    … The present study examined the effects of processing based on the hierarchy of needs proposed by Maslow (1962), on incidental free recall performance. … Word pairs were provided to the participants in either two type of self-choice or a forced-choice condition. … Free-recall performance for words chosen according to the survival criterion was superior to that for the self-reference criterion, and the size of self-choice effect was larger for the survival criterion. …

    奈良教育大学紀要. 人文・社会科学 = Bulletin of Nara University of Education. Cultural and social science 69(1・2), 283-290, 2020-12

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  • On the "Himitsusanbukyo Denjukukets"  [in Japanese]

    KITAO Ryushin

    <p> 筆者が、若き日、根嶺読み(根来読み)を修得するに際して使用した資料の中の一つが『秘密三部経伝授口決』である。</p><p> この『秘密三部経伝授口決』の「秘密三部経」とは『大日経』と『金剛頂経』(『金剛頂一切如来真実摂大乗現証大教王経』)と『蘇悉地経』とであり、そして、この『秘密三部経伝授口決』の最後には、</p><p> 已上、醍 …



  • Retention of Inferred L2 Word Meaning Based on Morphological and Contextual Clues


    … Previous studies have demonstrated that guessing word meaning is a good resource for vocabulary learning. … Past L2 literature has also shown that use of in-text clues is a key to inferring word meaning and retaining new vocabulary. … After one week, participants were asked to recall the inferred meanings. … Moreover, prefix availability was found to positively affect the retention of inferred word meaning when context was not informative. …

    ARELE: Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan 31(0), 161-176, 2020


  • Effects of cognitive load during lying and personal characteristics on attention  [in Japanese]

    Goto Risako , Hakoda Yuji

    … All of them were asked to utter the displayed word in sequence. … However, they were asked to utter, a word different from the displayed one when target word was displayed. … But participants in the concealment group were asked to cover up that the word was different from the displayed one. … In other words, they had to utter a different word as if it was not. …

    Journal of Human Environmental Studies 18(2), 99-103, 2020



    KOBAYASHI Wataru , ICHIKAWA Hiroshi

    <p>工事データから道路変化の予測ができれば道路地図の更新作業を改善できる.本論文では工事発注資料の件名,工事費内訳書,数量計算表から文書ベクトルを生成して,道路変化有無の予測と使用したトークンの比較評価実験の結果を述べる.実験から,件名の文字 2-gramを決定木で予測したときの正解率 0.83,再現率 0.85が得られ,文書ベクトルが道路変化の予測に有用なことを確認できた.データ種 …

    Intelligence, Informatics and Infrastructure 1(J1), 190-199, 2020


  • Micro-Level Emotion in Shallow/Perceptual Processing: Testing the Deep Positivity Hypothesis on the Valence-Dependent Difference for LX Incidental Lexical Memory


    … Each word corresponded to either positive (LexVal+), neutral (LexVal=), or negative (LexVal-). … The valence data for each word were retrieved from the proto-ANEW-JLE (Kanazawa, 2016b; … The test session consisted of a free recall memory test, where the numbers of correct responses (dependent variables) were calculated according to (a) PercVal and (b) LexVal (independent variables). …

    Language Education & Technology 57(0), 1-30, 2020


  • Evaluation of neural networks in the brain during word silent reading/recalling by magnetoencephalographic imaginary coherence analysis  [in Japanese]

    Tsuyuguchi Naohiro , Igasaki Tomohiko , Murayama Nobuki

    <p>最近の研究では, 言語野のネットワークに関して前方言語野 (Broca) と後方言語野 (Wernicke) を結合する弓状束ばかりでなく, 上縦束や下前頭後頭束など多岐にわたるネットワークの存在が明らかにされている。脳磁図 (MEG) を用いた報告によれば, 言語課題により前方言語野にβおよび低γ波帯活動が検出されている。しかし, 後方言語野を含めたネットワークは完全には解明さ …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 48(3), 113-120, 2020

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  • Relationship Between Accessibility and Word Order in Noun Phrases Production  [in Japanese]

    FUJIKI Daisuke

    … <p> Previous studies of phrase production process in English have indicated that conceptual level accessibility of a word affects a functional process when grammatical roles such as subject, object, and so on, are attached to each word. … Consequently, the resulting the functional process concerns decisions regarding word order in a positional process. …

    The Science of Reading 61(3-4), 165-177, 2020


  • Research Paper Search Using a Topic-Based Boolean Query Search and a General Query-Based Ranking Model

    Fukuda Satoshi , Tomiura Yoichi , Ishita Emi

    … This search converts every word in the abstract set and query into a topic via topic analysis by Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and conducts a search at the topic level. …

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science (11707), 65-75, 2019-08-06


  • [Research Note] An Interpretation of New Posidippus 19AB, 20AB and its positioning in Lithika  [in Japanese]

    千葉 槙太郎

    … Furthermore, there is no word about stones in 20AB. … But if we recall Theocritus' Idyll 22.48-50, we can understand the meaning. … It is a noteworthy opinion that 20AB has no word concerning stones, but more important point is that already Petrain point out that 20AB is situated in last place in Lithika-section. …

    東京大学西洋古典学研究室紀要 (11), 39-52, 2019-08

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  • RESEARCH ON CATEGORIZATION OF STREET PERCEPTION:Focusing on the brain mechanism of spatial cognition  [in Japanese]

    OKADA Saya , KOZAKI Miki

    … Based on the brain mechanism of spatial cognition, hypothesis was created that there are 3 main abilities, "Sense of Direction", "Map Recall" … and "Scenery Recall", and that high and low of each ability creates 8 types of spatial cognition. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 615-622, 2019-07


  • Determining the developmental requirements for Hebb repetition learning in young children: Grouping, short-term memory, and their interaction

    Yanaoka Kaichi , Nakayama Masataka , Jarrold Christopher , Saito Satoru

    … The Hebb repetition paradigm has recently attracted attention as a measure of serial order learning, which underlies word-form learning abilities. … Moreover, across Experiments 1 and 2 we found robust evidence of transfer of the Hebb effect to recall of new sequences that partially overlapped in item-by-item pairings with the Hebb sequence, indicating that children use consistent grouping strategies when learning above-span Hebb sequences. …

    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 45(4), 573-590, 2019-04


  • Influence of retention period on retrieving emotional memory : examining for explicit and implicit memory tasks in the elderly  [in Japanese]

    上野 大介 , 増本 康平 , 佐藤 眞一 , 権藤 恭之 , Ueno Daisuke , Masumoto Kouhei , Sato Shinichi , Gondo Yasuyuki , ウエノ ダイスケ , マスモト コウヘイ , サトウ シンイチ , ゴンドウ ヤスユキ


    生老病死の行動科学 (23), 37-44, 2019-03-09

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  • Memory stimulus meaning effect on serial recall in people with non-specific intellectual disabilities : An analysis using span method for people with several intellectual disabilities  [in Japanese]

    三橋 翔太 , 平田 正吾 , 奥住 秀之 , 國分 充 , Shota MITSUHASHI , Shogo HIRATA , Hideyuki OKUZUMI , Mitsuru KOKUBUN , 三橋 翔太(東京学芸大学大学院 教育学研究科 特別支援教育専攻) , 平田 正吾(茨城キリスト教大学 文学部児童教育学科) , 奥住 秀之(東京学芸大学 特別支援科学講座 発達障害学分野) , 國分 充(東京学芸大学 特別支援科学講座 発達障害学分野) , Shota MITSUHASHI(Graduate School of Education Tokyo Gakugei University) , Shogo HIRATA(Ibaraki Christian University) , Hideyuki OKUZUMI(Tokyo Gakugei University) , Mitsuru KOKUBUN(Tokyo Gakugei University)

    東京学芸大学紀要. 総合教育科学系 = Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University 70(1), 409-416, 2019-02


  • Congruity effects of Text colors of Words on Intentional Memory  [in Japanese]

    Toyota Hiroshi

    <p>本研究は,単語の指示物と単語の色彩の適合性が意図記憶における有効な検索手がかりになる可能性を検討するために行われた。28名の専門学校の女子学生を対象にして,意図記憶手続きを用いた集団実験を行った。参加者は各単語の色彩に一致する色を4つの色選択肢から選び,その単語を覚えるように求められ,その後,自由再生テストが与えられた。単語の色彩と単語の指示物の色彩が一致している場合が,一致して …

    Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology 2019(0), 51, 2019


  • Estimating Personal Preference Information on the Basis of Relationship Between Content and Tone of Utterance  [in Japanese]

    MERA Kazuya , AOYAMA Masahito , KUROSAWA Yoshiaki , TAKEZAWA Toshiyuki

    <p>ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクションシステムがユーザの気持ちを考慮したりユーザの希望に沿った対応を行うためには,各ユーザがどのような事物を好きか嫌いかという嗜好情報が重要となる.しかし,一般的な嗜好情報データベースはあくまで普遍的な嗜好傾向を表しているにすぎず,個人差や経験による変化を考慮できない.しかし人間は会話を通じてリアルタイムに相手の嗜好情報を推定することができる.本研 …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 31(5), 816-825, 2019


  • Effects of Physical Activity on Memory Deficits Occurring Subsequent to Hypoxic Encephalopathy: a Single-Case Study*

    Kojima Maki , Nakamura Junji , Nagano Akinori

    … The subject performed delayed word-recall task and word fluency task 10 times in each phase. … During the baseline A- and washout A-phases, after memorizing 3 words, the subject performed a paper and pencil task for 15 minutes, and thereafter recalled the 3 memorized words and performed the word fluency task. …

    International Journal of Sport and Health Science 17(0), 88-97, 2019

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  • Mention Detection method for Entity Linking  [in Japanese]

    KAWATA Naotaka , KIKUI Genichiro

    <p>本論文ではテキスト中から言及を抽出する言及抽出手法の提案を行う。 提案手法は計2回の系列ラベリングで構成される。最初の系列ラベリングは形態素を識別するために行う。2回目の系列ラベリングは各チャンク(またはチャンキングされていない単語)が本当にエンティティであるかどうかを確認する。また、言及のカテゴリラベルの細かさと言及抽出との性能の関係を調べた。実験の結果、2回目の系列ラベリング …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 1N3J902-1N3J902, 2019


  • Analysis of DPC Data by Topic Model and Consideration on Function of Hospitals  [in Japanese]

    田中 昌昭

    医療機能の分化・連携を推進するには,客観的なデータに基づいて病院機能を把握し,それを医療政策の意思決定に活かす必要がある.そこで,本研究では自然言語処理分野で培われた手法を用いて公表 DPC(Diagnosis Procedure Combination)データから病院機能を分析する手法を考案し,既存の病院機能分類との関係性を調べた.文書を病院,単語を疾患,そして単語の出現頻度を疾患の出現頻度 …

    川崎医療福祉学会誌 = Kawasaki medical welfare journal 29(1), 127-137, 2019

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  • Development of a Memories Recall Promotion System Using the Entrainment Object of Speech Word  [in Japanese]

    窪田 正勝 , 渡辺 富夫 , 石井 裕

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 118(50), 187-190, 2018-05-21

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