A Concept of Passive Safety Pressurized Water Reactor System with Inherent Matching Nature of Core Heat Generation and Heat Removal





The reduction of manpower in operation and maintenance by simplification of the system are essential to improve the safety and the economy of future light water reactors. At the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), a concept of a simplified passive safety reactor system JPSR was developed for this purpose and in the concept minimization of developing work and conservation of scale-up capability in design were considered.<BR>The inherent matching nature of core heat generation and heat removal rate is introduced by the core with high reactivity coefficient for moderator density and low reactivity coefficient for fuel temperature (Doppler effect) and once-through steam generators (SGs). This nature makes the nuclear steam supply system physically-slave for the steam and energy conversion system by controlling feed water mass flow rate. The nature can be obtained by eliminating chemical shim and adopting in-vessel control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) units and a lowpower density core.<BR>In order to simplify the system, a large pressurizer, canned pumps, passive residual heatremoval systems with air coolers as a final heat sink and passive coolant injection system are adopted and the functions of volume and boron concentration control and seal water supply are eliminated from the chemical and volume control system (CVCS). The emergency dieselgenerators and auxiliary component cooling system of "safety class" for transferring heat to sea water as a final heat sink in emergency are also eliminated. All of systems are built in the containment except for the air coolers of the passive residual heat removal system. The analysis of the system revealed that the primary coolant expansion in 100% load reduction in 60s can be mitigated in the pressurizer without actuating the pressure relief valves and the pressure in 50% load change in 30s does not exceed the maximum allowable pressure in accidental conditions in regardless of pressure regulation.


  • Journal of nuclear science and technology

    Journal of nuclear science and technology 32(9), 855-867, 1995-09-25

    Atomic Energy Society of Japan

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