Importance Determination Method for Geometry Splitting with Russian Roulette in Monte Carlo Calculations of Thick and Complicated Core Shielding Structure





In case of a shielding analysis of the geometry having thick and complicated structures with a Monte Carlo code, it is a serious problem that it takes too much computer time to obtain results with good statistics. Therefore, it is very important to reduce variances in the calculation. In this study, a method to determine the importance function in 3-dimensional Monte Carlo calculation with geometry splitting with Russian roulette was developed for the shielding analysis of thick and complicated core shielding structures. Only two essential importance ratio curves for one material enable us to determine the importance function easily in the shielding calculation. <BR>The validity of this method was confirmed through a simple benchmark calculation. From the comparison with the result obtained by using weight window (W-W), it was shown that the present method can give an accurate result on the same level with W-W method with less trial and errors. And this method was applied to an actual reactor core shielding analysis to confirm its applicability to a 3-dimensional thick and complicated structure. <BR>Using this method, the variance reduced calculation can be easily realized with the developed importance determination procedure, especially in case that parameter survey calculations are required in order to determine the shield thickness in a design work of a thick and complicated structure. Accordingly, it became easier to use Monte Carlo method as a powerful tool for a reactor core shielding design.


  • Journal of nuclear science and technology

    Journal of nuclear science and technology 32(10), 971-980, 1995-10-25

    Atomic Energy Society of Japan

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