Modelling of the Eutectoid Reaction in Spheroidal Graphite Fe-C-Si Alloys





The so-called eutectoid reaction of spheroidal graphite cast irons (SGI) proceeds by competitive nucleation and growth of ferrite and pearlite. In the present study are first reviewed the physical models of the ferritic reaction in SGI previously described in the literature. Then, a new model is presented that uses a recent description of the conditions to be fulfilled for the ferritic and pearlitic reactions to start. This description is based upon the knowledge of the relevant phase diagram. Growth of the ferrite halos during the ferritic reaction is described as controlled by carbon transfer from the austenite/ferrite interface to the graphite nodules and by an interfacial reaction at the ferrite/graphite interface. Modelling of the pearlitic reaction accounts for nucleation of pearlite colonies, and their growth law is expressed according to experimental data available in the literature. It appeared also necessary to describe the diffusion of carbon in austenite before the beginning of the decomposition of this phase. Predictions are compared to experimental transformation kinetics obtained by means of differential thermal analysis on spheroidal graphite Fe–C–Si alloys, and could be easily extended to alloys with low level additions of pearlite promoter elements.


  • ISIJ international

    ISIJ international 38(7), 714-722, 1998-07-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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