Activity of AlO_<1.5> for the CaO-AlO_<1.5>-CeO_<1.5> System at 1773K





The isothermal phase relations for the CaO–AlO<sub>1.5</sub>–CeO<sub>1.5</sub> system have been investigated at 1773 K by a chemical equilibration technique. Activity of AlO<sub>1.5</sub> in this system was also measured by equilibrating molten Cu and the CaO–AlO<sub>1.5</sub>–CeO<sub>1.5</sub> flux under a controlled oxygen partial pressure. The activity coefficient of Al at infinite dilution in molten Cu was determined at 1773 K. Iso-activity curves of AlO<sub>1.5</sub> for the CaO–AlO<sub>1.5</sub>–CeO<sub>1.5</sub> system are drawn from the experimental results. The addition of CeO<sub>1.5</sub> to the CaO–AlO<sub>1.5</sub> system was found to decrease the activity coefficient of AlO<sub>1.5</sub> in the melts. The effect of Ce addition to Al-killed steel was also discussed using the present results.


  • ISIJ international

    ISIJ international 38(12), 1292-1296, 1998-12-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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