PC-88Aを用いた溶媒抽出法による使用済水素化脱硫触媒からの新たなレアメタル回収プロセス A New Solvent Extraction Process for Recovery of Rare Metals from Spent Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts





PC-88Aのみの単一抽出剤を用いた溶媒抽出により使用済み水素化脱硫触媒の硫酸全溶解液から, モリブデン, バナジウム, コバルト, ニッケル並びにアルミニウムを分離・回収する新たなプロセスを研究した.モリブデン, バナジウムとアルミニウムの抽出平衡及び抽出速度の相違により低pHにおいて, モリブデンとバナジウムを優先的に抽出できた.硫酸でバナジウムを有機相から選択的にスクラップすることによって, モリブデンと分離された.有機相中のモリブデンはNH<SUB>4</SUB>OH+NH<SUB>4</SUB>Cl溶液で容易に逆抽出されると共に, 共抽出された少量の鉄と分離され, モリブデン酸アンモニウムとして回収される.硫酸スクラップ液中のバナジウムはアンモニアでpHを約1.5に調整した後, PC-88Aにより再度抽出し, 硫酸で逆抽出することによって, 微量のアルミニウムと分離され, 硫酸バナジルとして回収される.モリブデンとバナジウムを回収した後の抽残液はまず, アンモニアで中和したPC-88Aにより, アルミニウムを定量的に抽出し, コバルトとニッケルより完全に分離された.コバルトは新しいPC-88Aを用いて抽出され, CoSO<SUB>4</SUB>+H<SUB>2</SUB>SO<SUB>4</SUB>溶液で共抽出されたニッケルを除去した後希硫酸で逆抽出し, 高純度の硫酸コバルトを得た.最後に抽残液中に残ったニッケルはPC-88Aで簡単に抽出・回収できた.

A new solvent extraction process using a single extractant, PC-88 A, was developed for efficient separation and recovery of rare metals such as molybdenum, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt and nickel from an aqueous solution, derived from total dissolution of spent hydrodesulfurization catalysts in sulfuric acid solution. In this process, preferential extraction and separation of molybdenum and vanadium over aluminum is achieved at low pH based on the differences in equilibria and kinetics of extraction between these metals. The co-extracted vanadium together with molybdenum is eliminated from the loaded organic phase by selective scrubbing with sulfuric acid solution. Molybdenum in the scrubbed organic phase is easily stripped and separated from small amouns of iron by employing an aqueous solution of NH<SUB>4</SUB>OH+NH<SUB>4</SUB>Cl and recovered as ammonium molybdate. Vanadium in the scrub solution is separated from small amounts of aluminum and recovered as vanadyl sulfate by extraction with PC-88 A after adjustment of pH to approx. 1.5 with ammonia solution, followed by stripping with sulfuric acid solution. The raffinate obtained after recovery of molybdenum and vanadium is contacted with an organic solution of PC-88 A neutralized by ammonia so as to quantitatively extract aluminum and separate from cobalt and nickel. Aluminum sulfate is obtained after stripping the organic phase with sulfuric acid solution. Cobalt in the raffinate is further recovered as cobalt sulfate with high purity by extraction with PC-88 A, followed by scrubbing with an aqueous solution of CoSO<SUB>4</SUB>+ H<SUB>2</SUB>SO<SUB>4</SUB> and then, by stripping with dilute sulfuric acid. Nickel in the final raffinate is readily concentrated and recovered as high-purity nickel sulfate after direct extraction with PC-88 A, followed by stripping with dilute sulfuric acid. This process has the potential for incorporating a practical system on a commercial scale.


  • 化学工学論文集

    化学工学論文集 23(1), 1-10, 1997-01-10

    The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan

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