Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Oryza based on mitochondrial RFLPs





Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of mitochondrial DNA in the genus <i>Oryza</i> was surveyed using 20 accessions including 11 species and a single endonuclease, <i>Eco</i>RI. RFLPs were visualized by Southern hybridization with eight rice mitochondrial DNA probes labeled non-radioactively with digoxigenin-dUTP. A total of 66 bands were obtained from all of the accessions. The total number of fragments per plant was higher in diploid A-genome species (an average of 35.3) than that in diploid B- and C-genome species and allotetraploid BC- and CD-genome species (an average of 28.2). The extent of the polymorphism in the RFLP patterns was various depending on the probes used. A diverse polymorphism was observed with most of the probes used, i.e. the <i>cob</i>, <i>cox I</i>,<i> atp6</i>, <i>rrn18</i>, <i>rrn26</i> and <i>atp9</i> regions, whereas, no polymorphic band was observed with a probe for the <i>coxII</i> region. The genus <i>Oryza</i> was separated into two large clusters. One cluster was comprised of A-genome species and the other cluster was comprised of B-, BC-, C-, and CD- genome species. Within A-genome species, the genetic variation was relatively high. Even in <i>O. sativa</i> species, the RFLP patterns of <i>japonica</i> and <i>indica</i> subspecies were clearly different from each other when three probes were used. However, there was no polymorphism between <i>O. glaberrima</i> and <i>O. barthii</i>. Within the genomes of B, BC, C, and CD, RFLP patterns were similar to each other and they showed a closer affinity except for <i>O. minuta</i> (BBCC). Within the BC genome species, the patterns of<i> O. punctata</i> and <i>O. minuta</i> were largely different from each other and separated into two different subclusters. Thus, the mitochondrial genomes of the two BC species (<i>O. punctata</i> and <i>O. minuta)</i> apparently evolved independently. Among CD genome species (<i>O. latifolia</i> and <i>O. alta</i>), the patterns of one accession, <i>O. alta</i> W0017 were largely different from those of the other accessions of CD genome species.<br>


  • Genes & genetic systems

    Genes & genetic systems 74(1), 23-27, 1999-02

    The Genetics Society of Japan

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