Mechanism and Prevention of Edge Over Coating Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing




    • TAKEISHI Yoshiaki
    • Fundamental Technology Research Department, Corporate Research & Development Laboratories, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.
    • MORINO Hisakazu
    • Steel Sheet Technology Department, Steel Sheet Division, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.


In order to clarify the mechanism of edge over coating (EOC) for continuous hot-dip galvanizing, a visualization test of the gas flow on strip and a cold model test to measure the profile of the coating thickness at the strip edge were carried out. Outward deflected gas flow was observed at the strip edge and EOC developed in the absence of gas wiping. With gas wiping, EOC developing below the wiping position is reduced by the impinging pressure of the gas wiping jet, and the film thickness becomes approximately uniform at the gas wiping position. However, upward of the gas wiping position, EOC increases again and the outward deflected gas flow on the strip edge sweeps the liquid film to the strip edge. EOC is considered to develop at the location where the dynamic pressure of the outward deflected gas flow balances with the surface tension.<br>For the prevention of EOC, edge masking was devised and the effects which reduce EOC were measured in the cold model test and on a commercial line test. The edge mask which can be kept farther away from the strip edge is more effective for preventing EOC than the edge plates. The optimum dimension of the edge mask is 30 mm in width and 75–100 mm in depth, and installing it at 4–10 mm away from the strip edge is most effective. It was confirmed by the commercial line test that the edge mask can reduce EOC from 45% to less than 10%.


  • ISIJ international

    ISIJ international 40(11), 1127-1133, 2000-11-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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