Balofloxacinの外科領域における基礎的・臨床的検討  [in Japanese] Basic and clinical studies of balofloxacin in surgery  [in Japanese]

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新しく開発されたキノロン系経口抗菌薬であるbalofloxacinについて外科領域における基礎的, 臨床的検討を行い以下の成績を得た。<BR>1) 胆道系疾患の3例に手術前本剤100mgを経口投与し, 2時間後の組織内, および体液内移行を検討した。測定し得た2例の濃度はそれぞれ血清中0.05, 0.98μg/ml, 胆嚢壁中0.05, 1.52μg/g, 胆嚢胆汁中0.06, 8.74μg/ml, 胆管胆汁中0.66, 17.34μg/ml, 皮下脂肪中0, 0.31μg/g, 腹水中0.07, 1.16μg/mlであった。<BR>2) 本剤の外科領域感染症に対する臨床効果は21例中著効3例, 有効13例, やや有効4例, 無効1例で全体の有効率は76.2%(16/21) であった。副作用および臨床検査値の異常変動は1例も認められなかった。<BR>以上の成績から本剤は外科領域感染症に対して有用な薬剤であると思われる。

A newly developed oral quinolone, balofloxacin (BLFX), was investigated basically and clinically in the field of surgery. The results were as follows.<BR>1) The drug was orally administered at a dose of 100 mg preoperatively to 3 patients with biliary tract diseases. Transfer to tissue and humor 2 hours after administration was investigated. Two patients in whom the levels could be determined showed serum concentrations of 0.05 and 0.98μg/ml, respectively, and gallbladder wall concentrations of 0.05 and 1.52μg/g, gallbladder and bile concentrations of 0.06 and 8.74μg/ml, bile duct and bile concentrations of 0.66 and 17.34μg/ml, subcutaneous fat concentrations of 0 and 0.31μg/g, and ascites concentrations of 0.07 and 1.16μg/ml, respectively.<BR>2) The clinical efficacy of the drug was excellent in 3, good in 13, fair in 4, and poor in 1 of the patients with surgical infections, for an efficacy rate of 76.2%(16/21).<BR>3) No side effects or abnormal changes in clinical laboratory test values probably attributable to the drug were observed in any of the 27 patients who received the administration.<BR>The results suggest that BLFX is useful for surgical infections.


  • Japanese Journal of Chemotherapy

    Japanese Journal of Chemotherapy 43, 359-368, 1995-11-27

    Japanese Society of Chemotherapy

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