NM441の臨床的検討  [in Japanese] Clinical study on NM441  [in Japanese]

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新しい経口用ピリドンカルボン酸系抗菌剤であるNM441を急性扁桃炎5例, 急性気管支炎2例, 急性肺炎2例の合計9例に1回100~200mgを1日2回, 3~15日間投与した。分離菌は<I>Streptococcus pneumonine</I> 1株であった。臨床効果は「著効」4例, 「有効」4例, 「無効」1例であった。細菌学的効果は「消失」1例であった。副作用は軽度の発疹, 軽度のめまいが各々1例にみられた。また, 臨床検査値異常としては血小板数の低下が1例にみられた。

We evaluated the clinical efficacy and safety of NM441, a new oral pyridone carboxylic acid derivative, administered at a daily doses of 200-400mg for 3-15 days in 9 patients. Five cases were diagnosed as acute tonsillitis, 2 cases as acute bronchitis and 2 cases as acute pneumonia.<BR>The clinical efficacies were excellent in 4 cases, good in 4 and poor in 1.<BR>As the side effect of NM441, eruption and dizziness were observed in 1 case each. A slight decrease of platelet was observed in 1 case, but was transient.


  • Japanese Journal of Chemotherapy

    Japanese Journal of Chemotherapy 44, 576-578, 1996-03-01

    Japanese Society of Chemotherapy

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