Tailgut cystの1例  [in Japanese] A Case of a Tailgut Cyst  [in Japanese]

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Tailgut cystは仙骨前腔に発症し,ときに癌化を伴う比較的まれな疾患である.複雑痔瘻との鑑別を要したtailgut cystを経験したので報告する.<BR>症例は60歳の男性で,骨盤直腸窩痔瘻(IV型)と診断して,初回,経肛門的穿刺術を施行したが,1年9カ月後に再発症状で来院した.直腸指診,経直腸的超音波検査,CT検査にてtailgut cystと診断した.手術は後方経路(仙骨尾骨旁切開)で,尾骨合併切除により完全切除し得た.病理組織学的にtailgut cystと確認した.

A 60-year-old man was admitted to our clinic because of perianal pain and diarrhea. Digital examination of the rectum revealed an extramural mass in the posterior wall of the rectum. Preoperative CT scan and endorectal ultrasonography demonstrated a multicystic tumor in the presacral space. The mass was diagnosed as a tailgut cyst. It was 4.0×1.8×1.3cm in size. The mass was removed using a parasacrococcygeal approach. The coccyx is removed and the sphincter is not divided. Histologically, the cyst membrane consisted of columar, squamous, and transitional epithelium, and the lesion was diagnosed as a tailgut cyst. Tailgut cyst is a rare entity, and only 19 cases have been reported in Japan. Both ultrasound and CT scan are beneficial in making a differential diagnosis. With spread of the term tailgut cyst, it may be more frequently diagnosed, among presacral cystic tumors.


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