System Bによる根尖封鎖性と根管適合  [in Japanese] The sealing ability of new canal obturation system "System B" and adaptation of root canal wall  [in Japanese]

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<p><b>Abstract : </b>We encountered an opportunity to employ System B, that developed by Buchanan LS in order to solve a defect the operation and working time of Schilder method.</p><p> The purpose of this study was compare the sealing ability of the conventional method ( : lateral condensation technique), main gutta-percha point and Obturation gutta by NT condenser ( : Hybrid technique) and new obturation technique by System B ( : continuous wave of condensation technique).</p><p> The root canals of sixty-four extracted mandibular incisors were endodontically prepared and obturated by the three techniques and immersed in the India ink. The penetration distance of the dye was measured from apex of the root. And then, observed obturated gutta-percha to root canal wall by scanning electron microscope (SEM).</p><p> The results were as follows : </p><p> 1. The penetration distance of dye on obturated root canals were observed with order of lateral condensation technique, obturated with System B technique, hybrid technique. However, at a penetration distance, there were not difference among result of Dunn multiple comparison test, each.</p><p> 2. At hybrid technique, it was 65.0% that was not penetration of dye from apex of the root. System B technique was 55.0%, lateral condensation technique was 45.0%.</p><p> 3. Hybrid technique and System B technique were guessed to be capability for apical seal by two-way analysis (test for the proportion).</p><p> 4. By Fisher's exact probability test, it was guessed that the method of hybrid have most sealing ability.</p><p> 5. In three obturation technique, it was very good adaptation with entire canal wall and gutta-percha with SEM. But, when do Down packing with System B, we observed a large space inside root canal, it were suggested, as must do Back packing inevitably.</p><p> Finally, the obturation technique with System B, it became clear to be an equality or somewhat good method with conventional methods. However, when doing Down packing, there was a possibility to space, or vertical crack.</p>


  • The Journal of Japan Endodontic Association

    The Journal of Japan Endodontic Association 20(2), 91-97, 1999-12-25

    Japan Endodontic Association

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