Isポリープから小型typ 2大腸癌への発育を内視鏡的に観察しえた症例の考察  [in Japanese] A Case of Small Advanced Cancer Developed from Sessile Polyp Observed by Colonoscopy  [in Japanese]

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In a 61-year-old male who tested positive for fecal occult blood, an 8 mm polyp was found in the sigmoid colon by barium enema. Colonoscopy demonstrated a sessile nipplelike polyp at the same place and its biopsy had shown adenoma. He refused colonoscopic polypectomy. Thirty-two monthslater, barium enema showed it had grown to 19 mm and colonoscopy demonstrated small advanced cancer. He underwent sigmoidectomy and the specimen was well differentiated adenocarcinoma with subserous invasion and was a socalled "non-polypoid growth type." When the development was considered the sessile polyp was supposed to have been adenoma with cancer invasion to the submucosa at the first observation, and to have developed at the submucosa into small type 2 advanced cancer with no remaining adenoma elements. There are some discussions about the natural history of colorectal tumor, especially retrospective study of barium enema, but the development of this case was followed visually by colonoscopy, which is rare and valuable.


  • Nippon Daicho Komonbyo Gakkai Zasshi

    Nippon Daicho Komonbyo Gakkai Zasshi 50(3), 191-195, 1997-03-01

    The Japan Society of Coloproctology

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