Recklinghausen病に伴った乳癌の1例  [in Japanese] A CASE OF BREAST CANCER ASSOCIATED WITH RECKLINGHAUSEN'S DISEASE  [in Japanese]

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Recklinghausen病に伴った乳癌の1例を経験したので報告する.症例は70歳の女性.高血圧の治療中であったが,前医で左乳房腫瘤を指摘されて平成5年11月当科を受診.左乳房CEA領域に3.5×3.0cmの腫瘤を認め,穿刺吸引細胞診でClass Vの診断であった.術前病期Stage IIで,非定型的乳房切除術(Brt+Ax)を施行した.病理組織学的には浸潤性乳管癌(乳頭腺管癌)で,脂肪織内に浸潤していた. 1a領域のリンパ節9個のうち3個に転移を認めた.<br> Recklinghausen病には神経原性の非上皮性悪性腫瘍の合併はしばしば認められるが,上皮性悪性腫瘍の合併もみられる.乳癌との合併例は本邦の報告では本症例を含めて26例である.病期はStage II以上の症例が多いが,これは神経線維腫による皮膚病変のために乳房腫瘤の発見が遅れるためと推察される.

A case of left breast cancer associated with Recklinghausen's disease is reported, together with a review of the Japanese literature. A 70-year-old woman was seen at the hospital because of a left breast mass 3.5×3.0 cm in size. There was a history of having numerous tumors and cafe au lait spots in the whole body skin since her youth. And her father and one of two daughters have been diagnosed as Recklinghausen's disease. Fine needle aspiration cytology offered a diagnosis of breast cancer. Left modified radical mastectomy (Brt+Ax) was performed. Histologically, the breast tumor was invasive ductal carcinoma (papillotubular carcinoma) with lymph node metastasis. It was breast cancer of t2 n1 α M0 in stage II.<br> Recklinghausen's disease is often associated with non-epitherial and/or neurogenic malignant tumor, but uncommonly with epitherial malignant tumor. As far as we could examine, twenty-six cases of breast cancer with Recklinghausen's disease have been reported in the Japanese literature. Eighteen of twenty-two cases described their preoprative stagings were in more than Stage II. Therefore, when we encounter Recklinghausen's disease, systemic and careful examination are essential, especially care must be taken not to misdiagnose a breast cancer as skin tumor in these cases.


  • The journal of the Japanese Practical Surgeon Society

    The journal of the Japanese Practical Surgeon Society 57(2), 328-332, 1996-02-25

    Japan Surgical Association

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