Effect of Niobium on Nitorogen Solubility in High Chromium steel

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The interaction parameters of alloying elements on nitrogen in liquid Fe-Cr alloys containing niobium have been determined. The equilibrium nitrogen solubility in the liquid iron alloy was measured by metal-gas equilibrium technique under 0.04 to 1.0 atm of nitrogen atmosphere at 1 823 to 1 923K. Nitrogen solubility in Fe-Cr-Nb melts obeyed Sieverts' law for all compositions studied in present study.<br>The results obtained are summarized as follows;<br>(1) The solubility of nitrogen markedly increased with increasing chromium and niobium. The interactionparameters in liquid iron alloys containing 10-18 % of Cr and 0.2-2 % of Nb are obtained.<br>(2) The solubility of nitrogen was lower at a higher temperature in Fe-Cr melts in this study.<br>(3) Test results indicated that it is not likely to form niobium nitride in Fe-Cr-Nb-N alloys and it was confirmed by EDS.


  • ISIJ International

    ISIJ International 42(6), 603-608, 2002-06-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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