SMD(Schleimhaut-Dicken-Meβ)装置を用いた下顎顎堤粘膜厚径の計測  [in Japanese] Measuring the Thickness of the Lower Jaw Membrane by Schleimhaut-Dicken -Meβ  [in Japanese]

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目的: 下顎遊離端欠損部顎堤と補綴学的粘膜分類法による部位別顎堤粘膜の厚径を明らかにして, EBD (evidence-based dentistry) に基づいた歯の欠損補綴治療方策に寄与することである.<BR>方法: 下顎遊離端欠損を有する被験者31名に対し, インフォームドコンセントを得たうえで, 第二小臼歯部, 第一大臼歯部, 第二大臼歯部の歯槽頂部および下顎中切歯部舌側の粘膜の計4カ所をSDMにて5回計測し, 粘膜の厚径を求めた. また, 補綴学的粘膜分類法により固定部, 可動部, 硬固部, 浮動部に分類し部位別の厚径を測定した.<BR>結果: 1. SDM装置の信頼性の検討についてブタ粘膜2, 3mm両方の場合において, 5%の危険率で有意差は認められなかった. 2. 粘膜厚径の測定について測定部位によって粘膜厚径に違いがみられ, 下顎遊離端欠損の歯槽頂部粘膜よりも下顎中切歯部舌側粘膜のほうが薄い結果を得た.<BR>結論: 1. SDM装置でヒト顎粘膜の測定を行った結果, 下顎遊離端欠損の歯槽頂部粘膜よりも下顎中切歯部舌側粘膜のほうが薄い結果を得た. 2. 補綴学的粘膜分類については固定部, 可動部に比べて硬固部では粘膜の厚みが薄く, 浮動部では厚い結果が得られた.

Purpose: To grasp the membrane thickness of the lower alveolar crest and different areas of membrane as classified by prosthodontics, contributing to prosthodontics based on EBD.<BR>Method: After obtaining informed consent from 31 individuals with mandibular free-end, we measured their oral mucous membrane at the four regions of the second premolar, the first molar, the second molar of the alveolar crest, and on the lingual side of the central incisor, with SDM (Schleimhaut-Dicken-Meβ). Measurement was done five times, and the thickness of membrane was worked out. For reference, measurements were also taken by palpation in the fixed, movable, hard-fixed, and flabby areas of membrane, as classified by prosthodontists.<BR>Results: 1. The reliability of SDM was confirmed experimentally with the use of specimens of hog membrane, 2mm and 3mm thick. 2. The measurements of membrane thickness varied from site to site. Values showed a tendency to be lower in the membrane on the lingual side of the central incisor than in the membrane lining the alveolar crest.<BR>Conclusions: 1. Values obtained with SDM showed a tendency to be lower in the membrane on the lingual side of the central incisor than in the membrane lining the alveolar crest. 2. The areas of membrane divided according to the prosthodontic classification: the thickest and thinnest membranes were found in the flabby and the hard-fixed area, respectively.


  • Nihon Hotetsu Shika Gakkai Zasshi

    Nihon Hotetsu Shika Gakkai Zasshi 46(3), 341-346, 2002-06-10

    Japan Prosthodontic Society

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