Serratia rubidaea による市中敗血症  [in Japanese] Community Acquired Sepsis by Sepsos by Serratia rubidaea  [in Japanese]

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A 48-year-old male who had a past history of alcoholic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus was admitted to our hospital due to chills and vomitting, on August 13, 1998. His body temperature was 38.0°C, and he had the disturbance of consciousness, tachypnea, tachycardia and hepatomegaly with tenderness. Laboratory findings showed highly inflammatory reactions, DIC and hepatorenal dysfunction. Abdominal CT and US revealed multiple liver abscess with portal vein thrombus. <I>Serratia rubidaea</I> was detected in the blood culture. SBT/CPZ and TOB were administered and he recovered. This is a rare case of <I>Serratia rubidaea</I> sepsis. It is also necessary to pay attention to <I>Serratia infections</I> as well as <I>S. marcescens.</I>


  • Kansenshogaku Zasshi

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 76(2), 109-112, 2002-02-20

    The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases

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