Adrenomedullin Amidation Enzyme Activities in Hypertensive Patients

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Adrenomedullin (AM) is a potent vasodilating peptide secreted from the vasculature of various organs. It is biologically active when its C-terminus is amidated. Recently, an RIA method was developed for measurement of the active form of AM, or mature AM. We here employed this method to investigate the significance of amidation of AM in controlling cardiovascular function. Thirty-six patients under hemodialysis were recruited and divided into hypertensive (<i>n</i>=25; 157/86mmHg) and normotensive (<i>n</i>=11; 116/66mmHg) groups. Mature AM, immature AM and blood pressure were monitored during hemodialysis in all patients. There was a significant reduction in blood pressure during hemodialysis in both groups, although after hemodialysis blood pressure was still higher in hypertensives than in normotensives (139± 14.8/76±2.5mmHg vs. 110±5.1/66.7±3.1mmHg). Mature AM before hemodialysis were lower in hypertensives than normotensives and it decreased in both groups. Although mature AM decreased more in normotensives than in hypertensives (-27±8% vs. -17±5%), at the end point, its level was still higher in normotensives. The ratio of mature AM/immature AM decreased only in normotensives (-11.4±8.7%), whereas it remained stable in hypertensives (0.2±5.6%). Both groups showed similar changes in ANP, endothelin, catecholamines, cGMP, and NOx. The low level in mature AM level in hypertensives may have contributed to the higher blood pressure in this group. The attenuation of AM amidation in normotensives indicates that an unspecified amidative enzyme of AM was regulated in order to normalize blood pressure. (<i>Hypertens Res</i> 2000; 23: 167-171)


  • Hypertension Research

    Hypertension Research 23(2), 167-171, 2000-03-01

    The Japanese Society of Hypertension

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