Karyotypic Studies in the Characidae Fish, Genus Astyanax. An Endemic and Highly lsolated Population of Astyanax sp.

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The chromosomes of Astyanax sp. is now described for the first time. Ten specimens of a highly isolated population from the Sinkhole 1 (Vila Velha State Park, Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil) were analyzed, with the characterization of the karyotype, constitutive heterochromatin and nucleolar organizer regions. Males and females of this species present a similar karyotypic structure (2n=48, 6M+18SM+14ST+10A), without morphologically differentiated sex chromosomes. A great variability concerning the heterochromatin located on the subtelo-acrocentric chromosomes appears also in this species, accordingly to that occur in some other Astyanax species.



    CYTOLOGIA 67(2), 123-128, 2002-06-25

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

References:  31


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