Karyology of Three Species of Indian Ceacilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona)

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    • VENU G.
    • Centre Applied Genetics, Department of Zoology Bangalore University


Three species of Caecilians, namely I. beddomei, I. ssp. and I. malabarensis were collected from different places of Karnataka and Kerala. Mitotic and meiotic chromosomes were prepared from liver and testis respectively. The karyotypes of 3 species i.e. I. beddomei (2n=42), I. ssp. (2n=42) and I. malabarensis (2n=36) are prepared and compared. A probable role of chromosomal rearrangements involved in the evolution of karyotypes of these 3 species is surmised in this paper.



    CYTOLOGIA 67(2), 191-198, 2002-06-25

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

References:  39


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