Characteristics of novel hydrogel dressing material





ポリアクリル酸とセルロース誘導体を架橋化した親水性ポリマー, および水から構成されたハイドロゲルのゲル強度に及ぼす添加剤の影響, および創傷被覆剤としての応用の可能性について検討を行った. ゲルは親水性ポリマーをアルミニウムで架橋化することによって形成され, キレート化剤であるエデト酸ナトリウム(以下EDTA)の添加量によりゲル強度を調整できることがわかった. 得られたゲル強度の異なるハイドロゲルを用いて, ラット背部打ち抜き創の治癒に及ぼすゲル強度の影響をみた. その結果, 水で膨潤した親水性解リマーのゲル強度が0.54g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>の製剤ではコントロール群との間に創面積比の差はみられなかったのに対し, 2.99∼3.50g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>の範囲では, 貼付開始後3日以内にコントロール群にくらべて有意に創面積比が減少し, 治癒促進効果がみられた. つぎに臨床効果の確認されている市販のハイドロゲル, およびハイドロコロイド系の創傷被覆材4製品と適度に架橋化したハイドロゲルを用いた創傷被覆材(以下SG-01)の創傷治癒に関与する物理化学的特性について比較検討した. その結果, SG-01の粘着性, 水蒸気透過性, および酸素透過性の成績はいずれも比較4製品の範囲にあり, 創傷からの滲出液の除去に関与する吸水速度, および吸水量は市販品に比較して最も高い値を示した. 以上のことから, ポリアクリル酸とセルロース誘導体からなるハイドロゲルは, 水で膨潤したときのゲル強度を約3∼4g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>とすることにより, 滲出液の除去能にすぐれた新規の創傷被覆剤になりうる可能性が示唆された.

The effects of additives on the strength of hydrogel, consisting of water and hydrophilic polymer produced by crosslinked polyacrylic acid and cellulose derivatives, and its applicability to wound dressing are examined. The hydrogel was produced by crosslinking hydrophilic polymer with aluminum, and it was found that the gel strength could be controlled by the amount of sodium edetate (EDTA) added as the chelating agent. Using the hydrogel samples at different strengths, the effects of the gel strength on the recovery of open wounds of rat dorsal skin were examined. Them was no significant difference in the wound area between the group receiving application of the agent at swelled gel strength of 0.54 g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>, and the control group. However, the wound area was significantly decreased within 3 days after application of the agent at swelled gel strength of between 2.99 g/cm<SUP>2</SUP> and 3.50 g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>, compared to that of the control group, indicating enhancement of recovery. Physicochemical characteristics that influence to wound healing, of 4 commercially available hydrogel or hydrocolloid wound-dressing materials, of which the clinical effects had been confirmed, and a hydrogel wound-dressing material (SG-01) were examined when these materials were involved in recovery of wounds. The adhesion, vapor permeability, and oxygen permeability of SG-01 were within the range of the 4 commercially available materials. The water absorbability and its volume of SG-01, which are related to retention of exudate, were the highest in the 4 commercially available materials at all time points of measurement. These findings suggested that the hydrogel, consisting of polyacrylic acid and cellulose derivatives, at swelled gel strength of 3∼4g/cm<SUP>2</SUP>, is a new wound-dressing material with the good function of exudate retention.


  • Drug delivery system

    Drug delivery system 19(2), 117-126, 2004-03-10


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