Performance Assessment of Phased-Array Coil in Breast MR Imaging





Purpose: To compare the performance of the phased-array coil (PAC) with that of the single-loop coil (SLC) in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the breast.<br> Materials and Methods: MR imaging was performed with a 1.5T MR imager. A phantom study was performed with the right element of the two coils to obtain their signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). MR images of the breasts of 12 patients with breast lesions were obtained with the PAC and SLC, and these images were reviewed by five readers in a blind evaluation employing a scoring system for assessing overall image quality.<br> Results: In the phantom study, the SLC exhibited a SNR 1.82 times higher than that of the PAC at the center of the coil; however, the SLC exhibited an inhomogeneous sensitivity profile and its SNR varied with the distance from the center of the coil in the horizontal and vertical directions. In most of the 12 patients, the MR images obtained with the PAC showed more noise than did those obtained with the SLC, and the PAC obtained lower scores than the SLC in the assessment of overall image quality; however, the difference was significant (p<0.05) only in coronal imaging. On the other hand, the uniformity of fat saturation in the MR images obtained with the PAC was judged to be significantly superior to that obtained with the SLC (p<0.05).<br> Conclusion: Compared with the SLC, the PAC exhibited a lower SNR and was less advantageous at depicting the breast. However, the PAC provided more homogeneous fat saturation and might be useful for reducing artifacts.<br>


  • Magnetic resonance in medical sciences : MRMS

    Magnetic resonance in medical sciences : MRMS 3(1), 39-43, 2004-04-01


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