Bristow 変法を行なった反復性肩関節前方亜脱臼例と脱臼例の比較検討 Evaluation of Post-Traumatic Recurrent Subluxation and Dislocation of the Shoulder Treated with a Modified Bristow's Procedure





[Purpose]The purpose of this study was to clarify the difference of the pathological findings of recurrent subluxation and dislocation of shoulders treated with the modified Bristow' s procedure in the past 10 years.<BR>[Materials and Methods]Patients with a history of self reduction only were selected for the subluxation group. Patients with the history of passive reduction only were selected for the dislocation group. The subluxation group (group S) was made up of 24 patients (23 men,1 woman). Their average age was 21.3 years ( ranged from 14 to 33). The dislocation group (group D) was made up of 20 patients (14 men,6 women). Their average age was 25.2 years (ranged from 15 to 63). The average follow-up period was 3 years and 10 months in group S, and 4 years and 5 months in group D. Evaluations were based upon clinical findings, radiological findings. Each case with an operative procedure was scored according to the shoulder scoring system of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association.<BR>[Results]The uncountable dislocations had been occured in 62.5% of patients of group S and, in 30%of patients of group D. The incidence of positive in the apprehension test was 74% in group S and 50%in group D. Seventy percent of group S and 30% of group D showed a sulcus sign. Bankart lesion was observed in 69% of group S and 90% of group D. Hill-Sachs lesion was positive in 88% of group S and 75% of group D. The total scores were 95.2 in group S and 96.1 in group D.<BR>[Conclusion]The uncountable dislocations had been occured significantly higher in group S than in group D. Group S seems to be classified the group with the tendency to have capsular laxity such as the sulcus sign. The operative results were satisfying in both groups. According to these results, group S and D may be able to managed in one concept of anterior instability.


  • 肩関節 = Shoulder joint

    肩関節 = Shoulder joint 23(2), 323-326, 1999-07-30

    Japan Shoulder Society

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