NICUにおける出生前妊婦訪問の現状と課題 Home Visits by NICU Nurses to Pregnant Women : Present State and Problems to Be Solved





ハイリスク妊婦や家族に対してNICU看護師が出生前妊婦訪問 (以下妊婦訪問と略す) を行うことは, 妊婦を取り巻く家族の不安の軽減や出生後の家族支援について有効である。さらに家族の視点に立った妊婦訪問を行っていくために, 訪問内容を分析し現状と課題について検討する。<BR>妊婦訪問を実施した62家族に対して, 妊婦訪問依頼内容と結果報告書から妊婦背景・対象・妊婦訪問に期待することについて調査した。<BR>NICU入院となった家族の中で, 産科病棟で妊婦訪問を受けたのは19.1%であった。対象者の妊娠週数は35週未満が81%であった。NICU入院となる可能性が高い家族の心理的不安ははかりしれない。妊婦訪問時, 本人および家族が対象となっていたのは71%であった。情報として期待している内容は, 児の発達・発育に伴う障害や予後に関すること, NICUでの入院環境から経済面に関すること, 出産にいたる産科的経過であった。このことから妊婦訪問を行うときは, 夫婦・家族を対象とすることで家族の状況を受け入れ児への思いを共有していくことは, 家族関係を構築していくための支援につながる。妊婦訪問を行う看護師は, NICUの専門性と周産期全般の知識を合わせ持った指導ができる人材が求められる。

Regular visits by an NICU nurse to the high-risk pregnant woman (at ahigh risk of complications) are very effective in allaying the anxiety of her family and supporting the family after childbirth as well. To provide the home-visit services that measure up to the needs of such pregnant women and their families, we analyzed the contents of the services and discuss the present state of affairs and problems yet to be solved.<BR>Using the applications presented by 62 families for the home-visit services and their reports, a survey was conducted to find out the family backgrounds, the recipients of the services other than pregnant mothers, and their expectations from the home-visit program.<BR>Of the families of those pregnant women who were admitted later into the Neonate Intensive Care Unit, 19.1% had been visited by NICU nurses while the expectant mothers were in the maternity ward. Of those expectant mothers, 81% were in the 35 weeks or less of gestation. The anxiety of the women who are very likely to be put in the NICU and their family members is great. Pregnant women and their family members who both recieved the home-visit services accounted for 71% of the 62 families. It was found that they were most anxious to know about the growth and developmental disorders of the unborn babies, prognosis, hospital charges and the process of giving birth. From this, we deemed it highly important for visiting nurses to put themselves in their shoes and share in their feeling toward the neonates. This will surely help them strength the ties that bind the family members together. The nurses are required to have leadership qualities with adequate knowledge of NICU and perinatology.


  • 日本農村医学会雑誌

    日本農村医学会雑誌 53(2), 167-171, 2004-07-30

    一般社団法人 日本農村医学会

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