Evidence-based Healthcare and Health Informatics : Derivations and Extension of Epidemiology

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    • NAKAYAMA Takeo
    • Department of Health Informatics, Kyoto University School of Public Health


Epidemiology provides extremely valid information and evidence regarding human health.<br>Epidemiologic findings with regard to major illnesses must be amassed, enhanced, and expanded further into related areas as a foundation for evidence-based medicine that is based on clinical practice, as well as for evidence-based healthcare that includes public health-related issues. Epidemiology should be recognized not only by epidemiologists but also by a variety of people, including specialists in other areas for healthcare and medicine, people in law and media, policy makers, and the general public. A system is needed that can create information for facilitating appropriate decision-making with issues related to clinical medicine and public health. The principles and methodology of epidemiology are used as a base for developing a field of health informatics. The objective of health informatics is to establish a system for facilitating the flow and circulation of health and medical information. Health informatics has potential applications for the creation, communication, and use of information, and the discipline is being expanded as a practical applied science in search of solutions. This report represents an effort to expand the scope of health informatics and extend the applications of epidemiology by working with individuals in other disciplines and the public.<br><i>J Epidemiol</i> 2006; 16: 93-100.


  • Journal of Epidemiology

    Journal of Epidemiology 16(3), 93-100, 2006-10-23

    Japan Epidemiological Association

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