Amplitude-modulated Magnetic Field Coupled with Mold Oscillation in Electromagnetic Continuous Casting





Molten metal meniscus profile and mold flux channel width were measured under high frequency magnetic field by model experiments, then the dynamic pressure in mold flux channel were calculated during one mold oscillation period. It is found that the high frequency magnetic field can decrease the dynamic pressure greatly, which may be one mechanism of improving the billets surface quality by the soft-contact mold electromagnetic continuous casting. Based on this study, a novel technology named <u>A</u>mplitude-<u>M</u>odulated <u>M</u>agnetic <u>F</u>ield (AMMF) coupled with mold oscillation in electromagnetic continuous casting was proposed in order to balance the dynamic pressure caused by mold oscillation with a varied electromagnetic force inducted by AMMF. Based on the calculation of mold flux channel dynamic pressure, a model to optimize design of AMMF was proposed. Then continuous casting experiments under AMMF coupled with mold oscillation were carried out. It is shown that AMMF is effective in reducing the friction force during continuous casting and improving the billets surface quality.


  • ISIJ international

    ISIJ international 46(5), 680-686, 2006-05-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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