DDSを応用した機能性スキンケア・スカルプケア化粧品の開発 Development of functional skin and scalp care cosmetics using biodegradable PLGA nanospheres




    • 辻本 広行 TSUJIMOTO Hiroyuki
    • 株式会社 ホソカワ粉体技術研究所 美容科学研究所 Beauty Science Laboratory, Hosokawa Powder Technology Research Institute


薬物封入PLGAナノスフェアを種々の方法によってコンポジット化する粒子設計・加工技術を構築し, ナノDDS (経肺, 経皮, 注射, 経口など) や機能性化粧品の開発に応用している. 前者の例は, 糖尿病薬インスリンのように, 従来専ら注射剤として投与されていた薬剤の吸入製剤化や皮膚吸収性のよい経皮製剤であって, それらの製剤技術を研究受託している. 後者は, DDSを応用した, ビタミン誘導体封入PLGAナノスフェア配合の美白化粧品や, 植物抽出成分封入PLGAナノスフェア配合の新規頭皮料を商品化している.<br>本稿では, 当所のDDSコンセプトを有する商品開発事例として後者の関連技術を紹介する.

PLGA nanospheres are known as valuable carriers to deliver active pharmaceutical substances. Depending on the drug formulations, their size and surface properties can be controlled and modified to increase the drug encapsulation ratio and to improve the drug stability, dispersibility and other functional properties. For practical use, it is necessary to compound the drug loaded nanospheres into a desirable form having the structure and characteristics suitable for drug administration. Particulate engineering plays a critical role on the commercialization of drug loaded PLGA nanospheres.<br>Our laboratory has established various particle design and processing technologies with drug loaded PLGA nanospheres for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical delivery systems. For examples, insulin loaded PLGA nanospheres were optimized based on the required drug characteristics for pulmonary drug delivery systems<sup>1∼5)</sup>. PLGA nanospheres were found capable of improving the subcutaneous permeability of drug, which could lead to many applications in transdermal drug delivery systems<sup>6,7)</sup>, not only for skin care<sup>8∼12)</sup> but also for systemic treatments. Furthermore, by encapsulating fluorescent substances and test reagents, PLGA nanospheres were used for bio-kinetics modeling in the medical research. As to the development of commercial products, our laboratory has begun marketing not only first high performance skin care cosmetics, "NanoCrysphere", with pro-vitamin C loaded PLGA nanospheres in 2005<sup>11)</sup> but also new hair growth tonic as a functional cosmetic, "NanoImpact", with several plant extract loaded PLGA nanospheres in 2006<sup>11,12)</sup>.<br>In this paper, we would focus on the PLGA nanospheres technologies for creating functional skin care cosmetics.


  • Drug delivery system

    Drug delivery system 21(4), 405-416, 2006-07-10


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