individual based model を用いての公衆衛生的対応能力を明示的に考慮した天然痘対策の評価 An Evaluation of Counter Measures for Smallpox Outbreak using an individual based model and Taking into Consideration the Limitation of Human Resources of Public Health Workers




    • 大日 康史 OHKUSA Yasushi
    • 国立感染症研究所感染症情報センター Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases


目   的:天然痘を用いたバイオテロに対する初期対応行動計画である天然痘対応指針をindividual based modelを用いて評価する。<br>材料と方法:人口1万人の都市を管轄する保健所を想定し,そこのショッピングモールにおいて,天然痘の曝露を想定する。初期曝露人数,対応開始のタイミングあるいは動員される要員数毎に,追跡接種と集団接種の成績を比較する。<br>結   果:シミュレーションの結果,初発曝露者数が増加すると,要員が少ない場合,追跡接種の効果が急激に低下し,要員が多い場合,追跡接種の効果は大きくは低下しない。他方で,集団接種の効果は初発曝露者数が増加しても,平均的には変化しないことが明らかにされた。<br>考   察:追跡接種は集団接種よりも効果的であるのは,対応開始が早く初発曝露者数が要員数の2倍程度までで,それ以上に初発曝露者数が増えると追跡接種は事実上効果的ではないと結論づけられる。この基準で,投入する要員数を決定することが重要となる。そのためには,迅速に曝露量を推定する統計学モデルが必要不可欠となる。

Objective: To evaluate the guidelines of a plan of action for the initial phase of a smallpox outbreak using an individual based model.<br>Methods and Materials: We create a model in which one public health center is in charge of a city with a population of ten thousand and exposure of the agent occurs at a shopping mall. We compare the results of two counter measures, ring vaccination and mass vaccination, by the initial size of exposure, starting time of counter measures, and the number of public health workers.<br>Results: Simulation results show that the effectiveness of ring vaccination declines rapidly as the size of initial exposure increases if there is not a sufficient number of health workers. Conversely, if there is a sufficient number of health workers, the effectiveness does not decline very much even in the case of an increase in the size of the initial exposure. On the other hand, the effectiveness of mass vaccination is not heavily impacted by the size of the initial exposure.<br>Discussion: Ring vaccination is preferable to mass vaccination if the response starts rapidly and the size of the initial exposure is limited to less than twice the number of public health workers. If the number of those initially exposed is larger than twice the number of public health workers, ring vaccination is not effective. Therefore, it is important to decide the number of public health workers who will be assigned to control an outbreak according to this criterion. In order to recognize the size of the initial exposure immediately, we need to develop a statistical model to estimate it.


  • 医療と社会

    医療と社会 16(3), 275-284, 2007-01-31

    The Health Care Science Institute

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