Analysis of Non-Genetic Risk Factors for Adverse Skin Reactions to Radiotherapy among 284 Breast Cancer Patients





<b>Objectves</b>: We analyzed non-genetic risk factors for adverse skin reactions to irradiation at 4 collaborating Japanese institutions, to design future investigation into genetic risk factors for adverse skin reactions to irradiation in a multicenter setting.<BR><b>Methods</b>: From April 2001, 284 breast cancer patients, who underwent radiotherapy with breast-conserving surgery, were enrolled from 4 collaborating institutions in Japan. We graded skin reactions according to international scoring systems. Clinical factors were tested against adverse effects.<BR><b>Results</b>: Grade 1+ skin reactions were observed in 261 (92%) of the patients in less than 3 months, 118 (42%) at 3 months, and 29 (10%) at 6 months in the late phase. Univariate analysis of treatment risk factors (such as the use of a multi-leaf colimeter, wedge-filter, or immobilization device) for skin reactions revealed a significant association (p< 0.0001). After a variable selection procedure with logistic regression, the institution, operative procedure, and magnitude of photon energy remained significantly associated with acute skin reactions. Only the institution was an explanatory variable for skin reactions at 3 and 6 months in the final logistic model.<BR><b>Conclusion</b>: After stratification, substantial remaining variations in the occurrence of skin reactions of a given level suggested that individual genetic factors contribute markedly to individual radiosensitivity. Analysis of genetic factors associated with adverse effects would be possible by stratifying patients according to institution. Selection of eligible institutions, where appropriate treatment modalities could be performed, would also be possible when planning such a study.


  • Breast cancer : the journal of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society

    Breast cancer : the journal of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society 13(3), 300-307, 2006-07-01

    The Japanese Breast Cancer Society

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