Determination of the Viscoelastic Properties of Apple Flesh under Quasi-Static Compression Based on Finite Element Method Optimization




    • KIM Gyeong-Won
    • National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development Administration
    • KIM Man-Soo
    • Division of Bio-Resources Engineering, Chungnam National University
    • SAGARA Yasuyuki
    • Department of Global Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo
    • BAE Yeong-Hwan
    • Department of Industrial Machinery Engineering, Sunchon National University
    • LEE In-Bok
    • Department of Bio-Systems Engineering, Seoul National University
    • DO Gab-Soo
    • Department of Bioenvironmental and Agricultural Engineering, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University
    • LEE Sung-Hyoun
    • National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development Administration
    • KANG Suk-Won
    • National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development Administration


A procedure for determining the viscoelastic properties of apple flesh has been proposed based on compression tests and FEM optimization. Short-term simple compression tests and long-term relaxation tests were performed with cylindrical specimens of apple flesh to measure mechanical properties, and the viscoelastic behavior was predicted using FEM optimization models. Through short-term optimization, the elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio were determined by comparing two kernel functions based on 1) shear only and 2) shear and bulk terms. Long-term stress-relaxation behavior of the specimen was reasonably predicted by two FEM optimization steps within 3.8 % error. The FEM optimization algorithms developed in this research might be applied to determine the viscoelastic properties of bio-materials and also to predict mechanical behavior of these materials under various loading conditions.


  • Food science and technology research

    Food science and technology research 14(3), 221-231, 2008-05-01

    Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology

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