Hematology Analyzer を用いた血小板自然および惹起凝集塊検出法 : 基礎的および臨床的検討 A simple, rapid and automated method to detect spontaneous and induced platelet clump with a hematology analyzer-basic and clinical studies-:— basic and clinical studies —





血栓症患者の血小板機能亢進状態を把握するため, Hematology Analyzerを用いた簡便かつ迅速な血小板自然凝集塊検出法を考案した. Hematology Analyzerを用いて対象血液の白血球領域のスキャッタグラムを自動測定した結果, 健常者では血小板自然凝集塊がほとんど認められないが, 血小板惹起物質の添加により濃度依存的に凝集塊が出現した. 一方, 慢性期脳梗塞患者においては, 無刺激状態にもかかわらず約半数に血小板自然凝集塊を認めた. さらに, 非脳梗塞群では脳梗塞のリスクファクターおよび予知因子を持つ症例において血小板凝集塊が多数出現した. また, 本法と従来の血小板機能検査法を比較したところ, 血小板自然凝集塊検出法は1 μM ADP惹起(r=0.52)および1 μMエピネフィリン惹起(r=0.45)による血小板凝集能検査との間に相関が認められた. 本法は, 迅速かつ簡便に脳梗塞など血栓症患者の血小板活性化状態を把握し得る方法と考えられ, 易活性化状態にある患者の把握に有用であることが示唆された.

<B>Background and Purpose:</B> In order to evaluate platelet activation, we developed a simple and rapid method to detect clumps (aggregates) of platelets using a hematology analyzer. The purpose of this study is to undertake basic evaluation and to investigate the clinical usefulness of our newly modified method. <B>Method:</B> The measurements were done on EDTA-whole blood and citrated whole blood from patients with cerebral infarction, and from non-cerebrovascular disease (CVD) patients with or without risk factors for vascular diseases. The blood cell counts and scattergrams of platelets and white blood cells were displayed rapidly and automatically. <B>Results:</B> Platelet clumps were not observed in the citrated whole blood of healthy subjects. When the aggregation-inducing drugs were added to the citrated whole blood of healthy subjects, the platelets clumped dose-dependently. The appearance of platelet clumps was well correlated with ADP-induced aggregation and epinephrine-induced aggregation measured by a laser-scattering method. Aggregation was observed in 27 of 39 non-CVD patients with risk factors and 37 of 76 patients with cerebral infarction. <B>Conclusion:</B> The newly modified method using a hematology analyzer is useful for detecting platelet activation <I>in vivo</I>.


  • 日本血栓止血学会誌 = The Journal of Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis

    日本血栓止血学会誌 = The Journal of Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis 17(2), 165-174, 2006-04-01

    The Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis

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