Retinal Projections to the Dorsal and Ventral Lateral Geniculate Nuclei in the Domestic Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus Brisson)





Retinal projections and cytoarchitectonic organization of the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) in domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus Brisson) were studied using the Nissl stain and anterograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) methods. In Nissl preparation, both the dorsal LGN (LGNd) and the ventral LGN (LGNv) of the domestic pig were divided into four laminae according to cell organization, respectively. They were named lamina I-IV in both nuclei in lateromedial order and another cell group located in the dorsal part of LGNv was named intergeniculate leaflet. The rostral and caudal end of the LGNd were shown with only lamina I. Two-thirds of middle part was composed with all laminae. Injection of HRP into the unilateral vitreous body demonstrated that many labeled optic fibers crossed at the optic chiasm and a few of them were uncrossed, and they entered into the brain stem via the optic tract. HRP labeled terminals were seen bilaterally in the LGNd and the LGNv of the thalamus, with contralateral predominance. Lamina I and II of the LGNd received contralateral retinal projections. Laminar III and IV received ipsilateral and bilateral retinal projections, respectively. Many retino-geniculate terminals were found in laminae I and III of the contralateral LGNv and a few of them were seen as a small tiny spot in the upper part of lamina II of the ipsilateral LGNv.


  • 日本畜産學會報 = The Japanese journal of zootechnical science

    日本畜産學會報 = The Japanese journal of zootechnical science 71(2), 189-196, 2000-03-25

    Japanese Society of Animal Science

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