Possible sub-arc origin of podiform chromitites Possible sub-arc origin of podiform chromitites

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The sub-arc mantle condition possibly favors the formation of podiform chromitites. The Cr/(Cr + Al) atomic ratio (= Cr no.) of their chromian spinel frequently is higher than 0.7. This almost excludes the possibility of their sub-oceanic origin, because both oceanic peridotites and MORB have chromian spinel with the Cr no. < 0.6. Precipitation of chromitite and associated dunite enhances a relative depletion of HFSE to LILE, one of chemical characteristics of arc magmas, for the involved magma. This cannot alter completely, however, the MORB to the arc-type magma, especially for Ti and Zr. The presence of chromitite xenoliths, similar both in texture and in chemistry to podiform chromitites of some ophiolitic complexes, in some Cenozoic alkali basalts from the southwest Japan arc indicates directly that the upper mantle beneath the Japan arcs has chromitites. -from Authors


  • Island Arc

    Island Arc 4(2), 104-111, 1995-06-01

    Blackwell Publishing

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