OLAP技術を活用した診療支援と病院経営支援システムの開発  [in Japanese] Development of the Medical Care Support System and the Hospital Management Support System Using of OLAP Technology  [in Japanese]

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<p> 病院情報システム内に分散管理されていた各種医療情報を一元管理することで,診療支援や病院経営支援に有用な情報を提供するシステムを開発した.各種医療情報をJapan DynasystemsのCachéサーバに蓄積させ,データウェアハウスを構築し,1入院単位で診療行為歴がWeb形式で参照できるシステムを開発した.また,Cachéサーバ内にあるデータをMicrosoft SQL Server 2000にアップサイジングし,SQL Server 2000内の分析ツールであるAnalysis Servicesによって,多次元分析が可能となるシステム(キューブ)を開発した.Web形式で参照できるシステムでは,患者番号や病名等の検索条件を入力するとその該当患者の診療行為歴が容易に参照できた.そして,多次元分析が可能なシステムでは,Microsoft Excelのピボットテーブルを用いて,複雑な条件設定においても容易に分析が可能であった.本稿では,上記システムの仕組みと評価,さらに今後の開発性と将来性について報告する.</p>

<p> By unifying and simplifying the system for the management of various kinds of medical information in different sections of a hospital, our team has developed a method of accessing useful information for the support of medical care and hospital management. We developed a Caché server created by Japan DynaSystems Inc., which was made to accumulate different medical information, and built a data warehouse. And we finally succeeded a system, in which medical records can be referred to by one hospitalization unit using a web form. Moreover, needed data in the Caché server was shifted to a Microsoft SQLServer2000. We also developed a system (CUBE) that allows multiple-dimension analysis through the use of Analysis Services, acts as a tool or function in the SQLServer2000. When we searched for information regarding patient number or condition, relevant patient care records could easily be accessed by the web form system. Such information could also be analyzed by PivotTable of Microsoft Excel even under the complex condition of the multiple-dimension analysis system. The structure of these systems and their evaluation are described in this paper. The further development and possibilities of the system is also discussed.</p>


  • Japan Journal of Medical Informatics

    Japan Journal of Medical Informatics 23(2), 159-164, 2003-06-01

    Japan Association for Medical Informatics

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