Magnetic Fixed-bed Column for Cr(VI) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Schwertmannite

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The fine particles of schwertmannite as an iron oxyhydroxide adsorbent has been suggested as a novel and strong Cr(VI) sorbent for treatment of Cr-contaminated industrial wastewater. The removal process was conducted in both batch and continuous trials. As a result of the batch experiments, the maximal adsorption capacity of the schwertmannite was obtained as 178 mg/g which was quite high amount in comparison with the usual applied Cr(VI) sorbents in the literatures. The continuous removal process involved a combination of a fixed bed column with a high gradient magnetic field which was firstly introduced as a novel designation of a fixed bed column to overcome the difficulties accompanied with the application of some especial fine particle adsorbents through the fixed-beds. The experimental results revealed that the magnetization force had a great function in this process to control the shape and the fitness of the bed during the sorption test as well as to simplify the experimental set-up.


  • ISIJ International

    ISIJ International 48(2), 240-244, 2008-02-15

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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