High Power-Saving and Fidelity-Aware Hybrid Dimming Approach for an LED BLU-Based LCD





Backlight dimming techniques have been researched much to obtain high power saving on display modules, especially those which are based on LCD. The use of LED as a light source in a backlight module has opened a wider chance to perform local dimming as an improvement of a conservative global dimming approach. However, local dimming techniques are sometimes observed to obtain worse performance than global dimming ones in terms of power saving or image fidelity. We observed that even some of their results show visible artifacts. In this paper, we propose a novel backlight dimming technique called hybrid dimming, which combines local and global dimming approaches effectively. We do local dimming to obtain the initial backlight levels while calculating its SSIM index, which is a human visual system-aware image quality metric. We then make sure that these backlight levels don't exceed the ones obtained from a human visual system-aware global dimming with similar image fidelity. As a result, our proposed method can gain better power saving than a human visual system-aware global dimming and prior local dimming techniques, while making little difference in the image fidelity and suppressing visible block artifacts in the results. Experimental results showed that the proposed technique can achieve up to 14, 2.2, and 2.4 times higher power saving ratio than human visual system-aware global dimming and two well-designed local dimming techniques, respectively.


  • IEICE transactions on electronics

    IEICE transactions on electronics 94(11), 1760-1767, 2011-11-01

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

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