Determination of Hf isotope ratios in zircon using multiple collector-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry equipped with laser ablation and desolvating nebulizer dual sample introduction system





We propose an analytical protocol for the accurate <i>in situ</i> determination of <sup>176</sup>Hf/<sup>177</sup>Hf isotope ratios in zircon crystals by a 193 nm ultraviolet excimer laser ablation (193ExLA) multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (MC-ICPMS). Specifically, we used a simultaneous laser and dry solution aerosol dual sample introduction (DSI) system equipped with the 193ExLA-MC-ICPMS and an ARIDUS II desolvating nebulizer. The DSI-MC-ICPMS analyzed the laser aerosol from the zircon crystal while deionized water was aspirated from the ARIDUS II. Hf standard solutions were analyzed using the ARIDUS II with the laser switched off. This technique provides the same analytical conditions for both the laser and solution aerosols minimizing changes in the plasma condition. Therefore, the instrumental mass bias correction using a standard solution is accurately achieved. The instrumental mass bias for <sup>176</sup>Hf/<sup>177</sup>Hf was corrected by measuring <sup>179</sup>Hf/<sup>177</sup>Hf. <sup>176</sup>Yb interference correction on <sup>176</sup>Hf was performed using the <sup>176</sup>Yb/<sup>173</sup>Yb ratio with a <sup>173</sup>Yb/<sup>171</sup>Yb internal mass bias correction for Yb. Similarly, <sup>176</sup>Lu interference was adjusted for using <sup>176</sup>Lu/<sup>175</sup>Lu with <sup>173</sup>Yb/<sup>171</sup>Yb or <sup>179</sup>Hf/<sup>177</sup>Hf external mass bias correction. These correction factors were carefully determined using standard solutions. The correction factors were stable over three months, as observed by our routine monitoring. Standard zircons of 91500, TEMORA 2, Plešovice, and FC-1 were analyzed using 193ExLA with laser fluence at 20 J/cm<sup>2</sup> and a repetition rate of 5-10 Hz. The ablation conditions resulted in craters of 40 μm diameter and 40 μm depth after a few minutes. Standard bracketing using JMC475 solution was applied every one to five spot laser analyses, thereby correcting for any remaining instrumental mass bias. The resultant <sup>176</sup>Hf/<sup>177</sup>Hf isotope ratios were all in excellent agreement with the isotope ratios reported by TIMS and by other LA-MC-ICPMS analyses.


  • Geochemical journal : journal of the Geochemical Society of Japan

    Geochemical journal : journal of the Geochemical Society of Japan 46(1), 1-12, 2012-02-01


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