Coix 属の改良に関する育種学的研究 V : ハトムギとジュズダマの雑種 F_2 における遺伝的分離(農学部門) Studies on the breeding of genus Coix. V : Genic segregation in F_2 generation between Hatomugi (Coix Ma-yuen ROMAN.) and Juzudama (Coix Lacryma-Jobi L.)(Agriculture)




Coix属植物の2種, ハトムギとジュズダマの正逆交雑F_2における主要形質の分離状態を調査し, 優良系統育成の可能性について検討した。出穂期は正逆交雑とも早晩2群に分離し, 早晩比は10 : 54で, 出穂期を支配する3遺伝子を仮定し, 1種類の場合早生群を, 2種類以上の遺伝子を共存する場合晩生群を出現すると考えることによつて一応説明された。茎葉諸形質の平均値はF_1に比し低下したが, 草丈, 分蘗数および生体重の平均は両親よりかなりすぐれていた。正交雑の花粉および種子稔性は逆交雑よりすぐれたが, その他の形質では交雑方向による差は認められなかつた。形質の変異係数は一般に正交雑が小であつた。草丈の頻度分布は, 両親およびF_1型の3部分にわかれた。広義の遺伝力は, 諸形質とも高い値を示した。諸形質間の表現型相関および遺伝相関は, 正逆交雑とも草丈と葉長, 生体重および出穂期との間, また葉長と葉巾の間にかなり高い正相関が認められ, 遺伝相関は常に表現型相関より高かつた。柱頭色はF_2の分離状態より, 補促的に作用するM, Lなる2遺伝子の存在が明らかにされた。また種皮色および硬度についても, 前者は不完全優性の, 後者は完全優性の1遺伝子によつて支配されることが明確にされた。種皮色および柱頭色と量的形質間の関連性は明らかでないが, 種皮色ではF_1色個体が草丈と葉長でまさり, 柱頭色では, 赤紫色個体は白色個体より草丈, 分蘗数および葉長でややまさり稔性では劣る傾向が認められた。ハトムギは1年性, ジュズダマとF_1は越年性であるが, F_2は約80%が越年した。越年個体の再生草丈は, 高稈個体がややすぐれ, また晩生のジュズダマ型およびF_1型の越年能力は, 早生および矮生のハトムギ型個体に比べ著しくすぐれていた。本実験の結果より, ハトムギとジュズダマの雑種後代において, 茎葉生産量の高い越年性の晩生高稈系統を育成することの可能性の高いことが明らかにされた。The present paper deals with the investigation on the genic segregation in the F_2 generation between Hatomugi (Coix Ma-yuen ROMAN.) and Juzudama (C. Lacryma-Jobi L.). On the heading date, all F_2 plants were segregated in two groups of early and late maturity. The ratio of early and late maturity in the F_2 plants was 52 to 285. So the author presume that the maturity is determined by 3 gene and the late maturity is owing to the 2 or 3 dominant genes. Generally the variations of chracters in F_2 plants were larger than both parents and F_1 plant, but the mean values of plant height, number of tillering and plant weight of F_2 plants were heigher than parents. In the main characters except pollen and seed fertility, there are no significant difference between two combinations of crossing. In the crossing of Hatomugi×Juzudama the coefficients of variation of many characters were lower than reciprocal crossing. Phenotypical and genetic correlation were calculated chiefly between plant height and the other characters. In this result, high correlation was recognized between plant height and leaf length, plant weight, pollen fertility and heading date and between leaf lengtn and leaf width, as positive respectively, but to the number of tillering as negative. The vigorous type for plant height was not recognized in all plants belong early maturity group. The inheritance of qualitative character in this crossing was observed to the stigma colour and seed characters. The stigma colour shows clear red-violet in F_1 plants though both parents have white stigma. The colour of seed coat of Hatomugi, Juzudama and F_1 are brown, white spot on black ground and brown and green stripes respectively, and solidity of seed coat are soft, hard and hard respectively. From results of segregation in F_2 plants the author determined on the genotypes of stigma colour and seed characters as follows. Hatomugi…MMll, jj. Juzudama…mmLL, JJ. (M and L are complemantary factors for stigma colour and J is complete dominance for solidity of seed coat and incomplete dominance for colour of seed coat.) The linkage between some quantitative characters and seed coat colour or stigma colour shows no remarkable tendency, but F_2 plants which have F_1 colour in seed coat were superior than the others for plant height and leaf length. In the stigma colour, the plants which have redviolet were superior than the plants which have white stigma for plant height, number of tillering and leaf length, but inferior for pollen and seed fertility. In our country, Hatomugi is annual plant but Juzudama and its F_1 plant are hibernant plant. The hibernation ability of the F_2 plants belong early maturity group and dwarf type was inferior to the plants of late maturity and Juzudama or F_1 types. From these experimental results, for the improvement of genus Coix, it will be most significant to breed the lines of vigorous types for plant height in the progeny of interspecific hybridization between Hatomugi and Juzudama.


  • 京都府立大學學術報告. 農學 = The scientific reports of Kyoto Prefectural University. Agriculture

    京都府立大學學術報告. 農學 = The scientific reports of Kyoto Prefectural University. Agriculture 13, 1-9, 1961-09-01


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