An investigation of minimized ballast upon every-half-cycle ignited discharge lamp operating system with analogue computer simulation :

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    • KANEDA Isao
    • Development Division of Electronic Components Group, New Nippon Electric Co., Ltd.,


This paper relates to a novel discharge lamp operating system proposed for energy optimization and saving of resources, which employs a powerful oscillator to supply reignition energy immediately after lamp current pause of each half cycle of a.c. source in order to realize substantially the same source and lamp voltages. Features of the system are investigated by analogue computer simulation on the trial for single 40WT12 fluorescent lamp operating circuit at 100V line comparing with that of conventional single winding choke at 200V line. The following are improvements expressed by approximate estimates.(1) Inductance value and the maximum energy stored in a ballast are decreased to one fifth and one fourth, respectively.(2) Ballast weight and loss become one fourth and one third, and these ratios for a conventional rapid-start ballast will become one eleventh and one fourth, respectively.(3) Total efficacy becomes 116 percent, and for the rapid-start ballast it will become 131 percent. Further, this will be much raised by the use of a particularly designed lamp.(4) Power factor becomes 89 percent in lag phase.


  • Journal of light and visual environment

    Journal of light and visual environment 1(1), 29-39, 1977

    Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan


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